Huel, Hi, Hello

Hi all,

Just a hello from a new Hueler. I couldn’t see a ‘Say Hello’ category so I guess here is the place?

I’m about 3 to 4 weeks in from my first order arriving. In it for nutrition, convenience, money saving and above all that, weight loss (and lots of it!)

Being from a Food and Drink/Hospitality background going full Huel isn’t really an option for me, So I’ve generally been sticking to Breakfast and Lunch Huel, then a healthy evening meal. Works for me.

So far so good. enjoy the taste, love playing with the recipes, feel healthier/more energy and the weight seems to be going in the right direction (though i’m not monitoring with scales until after Christmas!) I do often feel hungry, but only as much as with any new diet, until the body adapts.

I blend, go 3 scoops, 600ml of water and half a Banana - improves the texture for me greatly - per meal (I generally mix up 2 meals together) then add flavour boosts or various real fruit. Apple and Cinnamon (no Banana) or a handful of frozen berries has been working well outside of the Huel flavours. On that note, I’ve got Caramel and Pineapple/Coconut boosts on the way, as they were winners for me. I have real Cocoa and Coffee at home so don’t feel the boosts are needed for those.
I’ve also ordered the Rhubarb out of curiosity, as that flavour was not in the tester samples.

I drink from Systema 725ml Square bottles, wide mouth, perfect size for 2x in a small cool bag with an ice block, keeping it chilled all morning. (Though i’ve recently found out they don’t quite fit in my car cup holder…so may need to adapt!)

Now that i’ve subscribed to deliveries my plans are to consider Tupperware storage rather than just in the bags, and look for a scoop equivalent of 3x the supplied, or weigh for more exact measures.

I’ll also be keeping a closer eye on calorie intake and weight loss, see how far I can make this work for me! (Along with a renewed gym membership that is!)

I look forward to using these forums for hints and tips!



Welcome to the Huel forum.

My advice would be to switch the Cocoa powder to Cacao powder. do a raw, organic, un-dutched Cacao powder which is as close to the best form of that product you can get. Cocoa powder is raw Cacao has been roasted at high temperatures and possibly washed in an assortment of chemicals. The great health benefits associated with “chocolate” don’t apply to Cocoa. My weekday breakfast is 90g of Huel with 10g of Cacao powder.

A lot of people ditch the bags. I find a 5 litre cereal style storage container is a great fit for a bag of Huel. Means you can slide it over the bag and then flip over to empty into the container. Not much, if any mess this way.

Asda also sell small pots big enough for about 125g of Huel. I use these when I go out and take a shaker so all I need is a bottle of water.

Finally, all pro’s use scales :wink:

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Hi Coup,

Loving the advice already!

With you on the Cacao idea, I also dabble in Homebrew, and have always wanted to add richness with raw nibs in a fermentation. However, beer is on the back burner…somewhat clashes with calorie control I feel!

Choice of storage container will be carefully considered (probably over thought to be honest…as is my way). I have an Ikea nearby, so plenty of shapes and sizes to explore, for that snug, perfect cupboard fit!


How to store Huel comes up a lot. These are what I use, both from Asda. My portions are 90g and the round pots hold this easily. I take a pre-weighed one to work everyday as I can make it up before leaving work so I’m ready for training as I wouldn’t have time to eat after getting home before I go training.


Is pretty funny, I have those same bottles and I found a design error in the lids of those bottles that Sistema corrected in the last months. Now they dont leak

Those round ones are not Sistema. They’re just Asda / Walmart own brand. They haven’t leaked.

@Coup I’ve just been to Asda to look at those 5l food storers. All of the ones I looked at had very ill-fitting lids so I gave up on the idea. Disappointing.

@coup is disappointing all round.

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I’m sayin nowt :laughing:


The lids are pants but those things are designed for cereal and the likes and aren’t air tight. I don’t think huel has to be stored air tight? They’re a good shape as you can slide the container over the pouch, turn upside down and empty with no mess. If you can find something that shape with a better seal or lid let me know.

John, bog off.


Will do. Will keep looking.