A thank you message

I wanted to write a quick post. I’m often lurking the forums :slight_smile:

I just wanted to say thank you to Julian Hearn, James Collier and all those at Huel.

I’ve been using Huel for about 6/7 months now and it’s honestly one of the most amazing products I have ever come across. Hopefully, that doesn’t sound too dramatic, haha, but it’s true.

I decided to try Huel for nutritional reasons, I wanted a fast and easy way to make sure I was getting the nutrition my body needed on a consistent basis.

I don’t have a set pattern but I have 1/2 shakes a day. At breakfast or lunch but very often both.

I always blend it and either add a flavour boost, add a teaspoon of coffee or frozen fruit. I also always leave mine in the fridge overnight or at least 2 hours. If it’s a quick prep then I add 3 ice cubes and blend.

I was about 1.5 stone overweight prior to starting Huel, I didn’t start using it to lose weight but it happened naturally, I’ve lost that 1.5 stone and now maintain a weight I should be for my height etc.

What I’ve noticed:

  1. Lost weight naturally
  2. Higher levels of energy
  3. Feeling a lot fresher
  4. Improved complexion, sounds odd me saying that I’m a typical bloke but it’s true and I/ others see it.

Basically, I feel great, so thank you!

I intend to be a Hueler as long as it exists :slight_smile:




THANK YOU JAMIE! We absolutely love reading these, honestly makes our day/week/life. Really appreciate you taking the time to write this to us, it’s so great to have you part of the community!