First 3 weeks on huel

On my 3rd week of huel now and must say I’m loving it :+1:
1st week used vanilla 1 for breakfast and another for lunch but could not handle the taste tbh.

So now using 2 scoops unflavoured and 1 vanilla 1 teaspoon coffee 1 teaspoon coco powder and I can’t get enough.

Seeing that I have gone from drinking cider/beer and eating crap every day to having huel twice a day and one healthy evening meal I can already feel the benefits
Going to get back into training this week too t25 5 nights a week let the fat melt lol
Awesome product guys.
My biggest tip to any new user is stick with the wind and changes to you’re stomach and bowls as it will go after the first week.

Huel for life :grinning:


It sounds like you have really nailed it and are going to really have some positive effects from Huel. Good for you. Thanks for the advice to new Huelers, that is invaluable and thank you for sharing the love!