My Huel experience!


My name is Laura, and today I just bought my first Huel pack (1week) ! I thought I would document the whole process and review it and my results week by week! So far so good, order process easy as pie and website has been informative and well laid out!

So background wise- I would say I’m pretty athletic, I train up to 10hrs a week with a day off most weeks. I focus on circuits, strength training and running as a general rule. HR is consistent at about 49BPM and I weight approximately 150lb, so I’m pretty healthy. I’m looking to shed a few pounds before my next race (27sep) as I gained a few over the summer months. Obviously I need to maintain as much strength and fitness in general as possible while I do it- hence the interest in Huel! So once I receive my pack I will give you another update and a subsequent one at the one week point!

Hoping you are all having great success !



Great to hear from you @Dott_Jiminey thank you for the update.

Good luck with your goals, if you would like any advice or tips James and I would be happy to help.

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Sounds great! I’m really looking forward to trying it!!!

So I just received my parcel! Arguably a bit smushed but that’s the couriers fault. Luckily everything was nicely packed in bubble wrap!

Attractive packaging, and the t shirt is a really nice fit! I’m usually a ten but I’m pretty tall and cheap t shirts tend to be too short for me. I ordered a small and I would say it’s about perfect. Nice material.

First shake - vanilla tasting and sweet, with that slight aspartame tinge you get with some sweeteners. Not sure what was used in here. Overall though it’s a pleasant taste. Sort of like weetabix left in milk for a long time!

This time I added a little choc shot which has about 30kcal in 2 x tsp. in future I’m probably going to try something stronger like cocoa as I couldn’t really taste it.

That’s about it for now- feeling pretty full after that. I’ll post again when I’ve had the product for a week! Fingers crossed for some good results​:grin::grin:


*i should add that I’m planning to use glucommanan supplement when I’m starving before my next shake to take the edge off

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Looking forward to your review :slight_smile: I answer to get “subscribed” :wink:

By the way, what sweetener is used in Huel?
Aspartame is bad and wrong. And is banned in US.

I think it might be the ‘vanilla flavour’ perhaps? But since I stopped adding the choc shot it’s soooo much nicer! I prefer it straight, currently using 3 scoops to 400ml water as I like it a little thicker!

The sweetener used in Huel currently is sucralose -

We plan to switch that out for stevia in the near future.


Thanks for the clarification Julian. I was wondering what the sweetener was too. It looks like sucralose is safe. it’s the same one used in Soylent. Glad it’s not Aspartame.

Have you considered using Xylitol?

@Marcus no we hadn’t considered xylitol, but it looks ok, we will research a little more. Currently Stevia seems to be the best option, it’s natural, very sweet (so we won’t need much) and widely available.

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Thanks for clarifying :slight_smile: just finished day 5, had huel for every meal bar one dinner where I needed something solid! Feeling pretty awesome though :smile: two days to go and I’ll share that review !

Best wishes,



It’s great to hear that you are feeling awesome. Can’t wait to read the review.

I would not think about Xylitol. Excesive consumption can have laxative effects. I even would prefer no sweetener at all…

Unflavoured and unsweetened Huel coming soon. :smile:


@Julian Maybe you could sell little flavouring bottles? That way, people could flavour it how they like, but they could still buy it all from Huel. Then there could be general instructions, e.g. for every X g of Huel add X drops of your chosen flavouring. Just an idea. But if it doesn’t happen, I like the current flavour anyway.


Great! I got my huel today and like it a lot. With less sweetener, however, it will be even better!

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Well, then it seems you have forgotten to put the sucralose in the Full List of Ingredients, on the Nutrition page ! :slight_smile:

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It was missing off the first label. We have just reprint the label, it will be on the next batch. Sorry.

Marcus, great idea :slight_smile:

@Marcus I will let you into a little secret. We have four powdered flavours in production, should be live in a few weeks. Just add half a teaspoon to Huel and shake. :smile:


@Julian I definitely like the sound of that!