2 weeks in and flying!

A little back ground first, turned 40 in June, hit 21 stone just after and always thought I’d carried my weight ok. I’m 6’7” and we’ll built then I started to struggle, walks with the dog, stairs, finding jeans to fit!! So I decided to make a change.

Spoke with a friend who pointed me in the direction of Huel, got my first order and honestly haven’t looked back 14 days in and 1lb short of losing a stone. 2 shakes a day and a better tea than usual and the weight has fallen off. Absolutely no side effects or hunger between meals. For anyone reading this who is in 2 minds all I can say is do it, it’s the best thing You can do.


That’s great to hear.
Like any form of “diet” it does take an amount of willpower to stick with it and not go for the unhealthy options so well done on sticking with it and well done on shedding so much weight :slight_smile:

Hi there!

Great post!

Do u find you feel so much more wide awake on it and energised? :smiley:

Keep up the goo work :facepunch:t2:

K x