New to huel.. London black Taxi driver who spends her life sitting down

Hi I’m 44 and only 4ft10
In 2007 I started the knowledge and was only 7.5stone
Nearly 11 yrs on I’m now 12stone exactly, I’ve grown due to poor diet and lack of exercise, the hours I work don’t help, nights are easier for traffic and wages are higher working nights but then I hardly cook. So huel seemed like a good option for me having meals on the road.
I’ve only just today started huel after kinda being conned in to Herbalife, that put me off them instantly and I also still felt hungry using their products.
My first impression of huel… I’ve not been hungry all day… (working days today) I had a shake for breakfast and then bought a salad for lunch from pret, I felt full up without even finishing my salad!!! That a first I tell ya!
I’m looking forward to having a shake tonight when I get home which is soon.
Will try and update my huel journey and hoping it keeps the hunger and sweet cravings at bay as it has done so far :+1:t2::+1:t2:


Hope you find that Huel works well for you. It certainly has for me. I’ve lost a bit of weight and have managed to keep it off since starting last year. It has been a mostly bump-free journey. If I have an indulgent day or things don’t go as planned I start the next day trying not to worry or compensate for the previous day. It’s just a ‘reset’ and I go from there. Best wishes to you on your Huel journey.
Find what works for you and stick to it - not ridgedly, but flexibly. You’re meant to enjoy it :slight_smile:

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Well I weighed myself today and I’ve lost weight yippeee
From 12st to 11.7st now
Thanks for your reply, so far so good and I’ve not been completely good with my eating either, :innocent::smiling_imp:


:tada::tada::tada: Well done you!!! :tada::tada::tada:
Congratulations! :confetti_ball: :smile:
Just think what you’ll manage this week!! :wink:

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