First order - first impressions (not what i expected)

so, i was thinking of trying Huel for the last couple of weeks, and had looked online at the reviews. overall the general response seemed fairly positive, so i placed an order for 2 bags.

Firstly, thank you for the t-shirt. Self advertising i know, but i always like a freebie!

whilst i was waiting for the order to be delivered, i received an email with a link to the forums, after perusing the reports, i came to the conclusion the Huel would be 2 sweet, and need extra fruit etc to cover up the poor taste.

so i ordered a blender, and wacked a load of frozen berries, and bananas on my shopping order, and waited for the delivery to arrive.

fast forward to the next day, and the Huel arrived, exactly when it said it should. i thought to make up a batch following the guidance so i would have something to compare too, before i played with the flavour and added fruits etc.

so i made a shake with 3 scoops of Huel, as directed and chilled overnight. lunch time came, and i though - right lets see how bad this is…

it tastes great! smells of oats, tastes like porridge, wasn’t too sweet. consistency was perfect (just mixed in the supplied cup), took about 15 minutes to drink, and i don’t really think i could have drank it any faster.

overall very impressed, had Huel lunch at 12pm, and it’s now 6pm and i’m not hungry (i had a wobble at about 3pm, when i normally have a snack, but i think that was really habit rather than hunger).

it’s great that i now have the blender and fruits so will be able to mix it up a bit, but the product itself really does stand on it’s own feet!

Well done Huel.

Next thing now is to stick with it for a month, and see what happens. My main aim is to eat a bit healthier, and some weight loss, so i’ll be changing out my pasty for lunch each day, or my evening meal, if i happen to have a pasty earlier.

lets see how it goes.