First day trying Huel!

Hallo and it’s good to be here! I went a little all-in on my first order because I wanted to try a variety of different things- I’ve only tried the chocolate ready-to-drink shake so far and I am -astoundingly impressed-. It helps that I really enjoy both thick-textured things and the taste of oats, but I was honestly not expecting the Huel to be… tasty? I’m looking forward to experimentation with the powdered form and milk, and once I burn through my first order eventually I’m definitely going to think about getting the no-sweetener-added stuff, because while sucralose is one of the few artificial sweeteners I can tolerate, I can definitely… taste it, and I’d rather just add a little honey or something for a hint of sweetness.

But man, what an ASTOUNDINGLY good first impression. I’m so impressed with this product and I do not regret my purchase one bit. Good to be here. :slight_smile:

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