Just arrived, and first "meal"

So today was the day! My Huel has arrived, 11am delivery, so a little late for breakfast but thats down to dpd not Huel.

It came in a brown cardboard box with an unassuming Huel logo on it. Not much else so unless anyone googles it, they’d have no idea.

Inside was 2 larger than expected bags (weight was expected, but size of the bags, i was basing it on sugar… ) These bags are ( I have no tape measure… ) just a little shorter than from my elbow to my finger tips. Going to have to decant these to store them in my cupboard! The shaker (I chose frosted ) was wrapped in some brown paper packaging to protect it. The t-shirt is again a simple, unassuming plain grey with a small Huel logo on it. Only downer with the tee is made in bangladesh, what with the prevalence of child workers and sweatshops over there, would of liked to of seen british made. (Was only a small point, I was buying for the drink not the tee! ). There is a product card with a getting started info and welcome note on it. NO SCOOP! Luckily I have scales so I can still measure this out. @Julian any chance this can be sorted please?

Wanting to try it ASAP I tear the precut notch only to notice I’m rubbish at tearing and the rip goes up and down all over the place, sometimes going near the resealable strip. Loose powder falls out, my fault should of not been so hasty and shaken the powder to the bottom! This stuff smells AMAZING.
I go to close the bag to check the rest of the stuff out, I notice it doesnt stay closed. I’m decanting it anyway due to bag size, but for those with the same issue take a look HERE.

Eagerly wanting to try Huel I opened the shaker and measured out 550ml of water like the card said only to notice the shaker has a basic measuring scale on the side! in goes 114g of powder, on goes the shaker grate and lid and a quick shake later ( I say a quick shake, I hate lumps, so I went a bit overboard and vigorously shook it for like a minute using both hands… Hey, it def works for weight loss at this rate! ) I now have a drink that smells amazing (a bit like icecream and horlicks) and should be lump free!

First taste! it has an odd texture (it is smooth, yet has suspended bits in it (visible as a darker brown in the mixture).
It tastes good but not great. Not something I’d go for a snack or be tempted when full up, but pleasant enough to eat. I only took a small sip, but it has a long aftertaste. Vanilla is fairly strong in the aftertaste but not in the first mouthful. There is a powdery taste to it, but it itself is not powdery. It’s hard to explain being so neutral. Certainly nothing to be offended by. Other people have compared it to a very sweet weetabix and I’d certainly agree. It’s moreish though, once the aftertaste fades a bit, I found I wanted another mouthful. Like that it takes around half an hour to drink 3 scoops.
I prefer the aftertaste than the actual mouthful.

I have noticed that like other, I burp a bit after drinking it. This could be the slowness that I’m drinking it, and so swallowing more air than if I just downed it. It could also be that I was hungry anyway, due to not eating before this.

Overall I like the taste. I like the packaging ( everything apart from the bags are easily recycleable) and the shaker has some nice touches to it.

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I’ve noticed the burping after drinking Huel too haha

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Hi @welwynd thank you for the review, great stuff.

As a side note, I had 3 scoops. only just feeling hungry now, and going to have lasagne. then another 3 scoops for last food at like 8pm.

You mentioning that it takes a while to drink, reminded me that my first few days were like that too. It was quite hard work to get through. Thinking about it I tend to drink mine a lot quicker now than when I started. Maybe 5 or 10 minutes - haven’t really timed it, but that’s what I reckon. Drinking it slower that that is probably not a bad thing anyway. Glad you’re off to such a good start!

Why no scoop in @welwynd’s first order? My first order arrives tomorrow. I hope it includes a scoop.

I doubt it is the normal, my packing checklist does state scoop included! @Julian is sorting it out via email with me, so not a major issue!

Last night I had my last Huel meal, again 3 scoops. after my lasagne I had a noticable drop in energy around 45 minutes after eating. Perked up after 2 hours but started feeling hungry again. last huel was around 8pm, finished it around half 9, as i was playing a game ( was playing Wow and sipping between kills). I was awake untill 3 am and wasn’t hungry once. No snacks, just a glass of water after my huel.

I’m impressed with how long this keeps me going for! The real test will be tomorrow at work, 8 hours, going to eat before i go to work, take a premade for lunch and then eat real food after if I am hungry.

I had my first bowel movement since eating huel this morning, and an added effect is hardly any paper usage! came out pretty much clean. a few rather small lumps and that was it. I’m used to larger, sticky logs. Sorry for crudeness, but trying to detail everything I can!

This morning I woke up late (2PM ) and made up my first meal. I was looking forward to it, which is unusual for me with food! didnt shake it for as long as yesterday, and noticed a few more lumps in it today. I also drank it much quicker, because i was hungry!

I’ve noticed the aftertaste isnt as strong today, likely as I’m getting used to it.
My legs are really itchy today, but not as red as before, so hopefully that’s them being sorted out!

Not noticed any headaches at all. Loads of energy though.

Overall for this morning, shaking is a good thing to do lots of! Loads of energy, not felt hungry (Empty, but not hungry) and quite a few positives so far!

Haha, this morning you woke up this afternoon! :laughing:

This evening are you going to bed tomorrow?

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