Sustainably Report Packaging Commitment

Just seen the announcement on the social channels, that the commitment to have the whole range of packaging fully recyclable by 2025 - will be completed and rolled out this year. Amazing work to get this done – especially getting a usable mono-material replacement for the dreaded MLP pouches – in this compressed time frame. Well done team Huel :clap:


Thanks Phil! Let me share the post here too. Any questions let us know :point_down:

In the next year you are going to see:

:recycle: Recyclable pouches for v3.0, Black Edition and Hot & Savoury

  • Made from a mono-material instead of plastic and metal fused together
  • This means the material can be recycled
  • Fully recyclable, verified by Recyclass, across all of UK and Europe
  • Recyclable alongside soft plastics and films, at home where available or at collection centres

And not just that!
:recycle: Recyclable Bar wrappers
:white_circle: Transparent Ready-to-drink bottles (already 51% recycled plastic). This increases quality and value of recycled material to help drive a circular economy
:muscle: Complete Protein tub now with a white lid to make it fully recyclable

This is in addition to all the other amazing progress we’ve made recently:
:black_small_square:Replacing black Ready-to-drink lids with white lids
:black_small_square:Phasing out our black cardboard boxes for regular to reduce ink usage
:black_small_square:Prioritising electric vehicles for delivery where possible

You will start to see our new recyclable pouches within the next year in the UK, towards mid-2023 in the US as we run down our stock of pouches.

This has been a huge challenge, but we know if we want to truly provide sustainable nutrition this is the only way. We are so proud to be able to reach our targets 3 years earlier than planned.


@Tim_Huel Will this impact the shelf life, or are you still going to use a shrink sleeve as the UV barrier?

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This is brilliant news.


The sleeve will still be there and will act as the light barrier!

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Hello @Tim_Huel !! This is f… great news!!!

As I have been working on a completely sustainable packaging for my own company this year I would like to know a lot more about the new pouches!

Which is the material made from? 100% plastic?
How do you achieve the recyclability (removing the metal layer? and making 100% plastic?)
Was it available on the market or you had to create it
Is it the same company or is it a new supplier?
Do the price per pouch changes a lot? How much difference, or maybe it has no difference between the old one and new one per unit, it depends

Its very interesting for me. I guess it has been a real challenge for you.

Some great questions, Adrián! We’ll be able to reveal a little more once we get closer to the time. We’re definitely going to be doing some more in depth content which explains some of what you are asking for, as well as how to recycle it. Probably won’t be sharing cost of the pouches or company/ies we’re using but will sure give you a load more information in time!


This makes me so happy :grinning: :deciduous_tree: