Make your packaging recyclable!

Currently there is no indication as to whether or not the packaging Huel comes in is recyclable. Either confirm it is recyclable or move to recyclable packaging please!

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No, the pouches are not. Yes the bottles are.

No plans to change at the moment AFAIK.

I bugged them about the pouches recently because they might be recyclable but it’s a more complex process than local recycling schemes provide. But they just ran away to the pub. :frowning:

I live with it because the amount of waste the powder pouches create is pretty minimal. I’m less happy about the granola pouches because I go through them much faster.

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Been discussed at length before and it’s simply not possible to get bags that are recyclable.


Some other brands use bags that have recycling number 7, which lets them advertise as having fully recyclable packaging. Unfortunately number 7 plastic isn’t accepted by my local council, nor do I have any idea what to do with it.

The perfect solution would be for Huel to become so popular that we’re able to refill our own containers at local zero-waste shops. We’re very far from that though.

I spent a fair amount of time pondering this and came to a conclusive answer - Bin it?

Is it conclusive if you needed a question mark?


If it was that simple they would have done it by now. There are already many threads discussing recyclable packaging with replies from Huel in them. It would be worth searching them out and having a read.

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there’s some technical reason they can’t just make the package recyclable it’s not they don’t want or care enough.
Although I remember seeing a picture a while ago that said, “if you ate nothing but huel everyday for 96 years” or something like that

  • insert picture that I can’t be bothered to find

it’s not that much I think you would fill like 3 wheelie bins or something like that.
I could be wrong on that though

Yeah that was it. Three wheelie bins and three hundred aircraft hangars full of methane gas.

Same here… the granola pouches are quite ridiculous… I eat like 2 per week, and most of it is air

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Yes same, I get 4 meals out of a box. 420g is way too small. I’d like 1kg boxes at least.

I have it bookmarked since it comes up ALL THE BLOODY TIME

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I was well off it was 57.5 years, but still that’s pretty impressive for the amount of waste you leave behind.

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I consider myself a young man but I doubt I’ve got another 60 years in me, if we’re being honest :joy:

To bad for you, I’m gonna live forever

Why the hell would you wanna do that? I’m gonna be sitting on God’s right hand soon; anything to get some kicks.

I asked when I first started ordering and was told that The bags aren’t recyclable and it was difficult to find suitable packaging that would reserve the quality of the powder and which would be recyclable at the same time. Shame, these are substantial bags including the plastic zip lock thing.
Maybe they could look at making these bags ‘refillable’ in some way - create some return and refill program = Return your empty bags and they get refilled and returned to you. This could include a customer rebate for anyone who chooses to have their bags refilled instead of throwing them out.

So you consume nothing else at all now other than Huel?

In that case I would agree, less waste generated for sure… though, it’s not just down to amount of wasted packaging, it’s the length time the packaging would taste to fully disintegrate. I would say the HUEL bags are pretty thick and solid and in the environment, likely to take a good many years to degrade… and degrade into what is also a question.

I am no Greta by any means, but to know these bags were more environmentally friendly would be good.

Yeah but your 200 years old @hunzas you have done well on a Huel diet, proof is in the pud as they say