Zero waste - Returning packaging for reuse

Hi there, it’s a really good point and something we are extremely passionate about. So let’s dive into it.

Absolutely not. We are working so hard with suppliers to bring in not just a recyclable package, but a biodegradable one. It is not that easy and has problems at the moment. Which brings me onto my next point:

We must think about overall environmental impact. Plastic is a hot topic at the moment, and rightly so.

But there is no point focusing purely on plastic and neglect carbon emissions from vehicles and wastage from spoiled food. In your suggestion of refillable pouches for example that would involve up to double the amount of emissions from vehicles. The problem we are having with our pouches at the moment for example is their strength, if pouches break more then we end up with more spoiled and wasted Huel, contributing to total food waste.

At the moment our packaging waste is minimal, below is a photo of 6000 empty pouches of Huel, it fits onto one singular pallet. If you were to eat 2000kcal of Huel everyday for 57.5 years this is the amount of waste you would produce! Each pouch contains 14 x 500kcal meals and only weighs around 42g, compare this to the packaging in the lunches and breakfasts many grab on the go (the products we are directly competing with), this is tiny.

In addition, we use cardboard and recycled paper for almost everything else apart from the sellotape that binds the box (which we are going to be changing soon). Our booklet is made from recycled paper and uses environmentally friendly, vegan-friendly inks, as does the box printing. We pack out our boxes with untreated brown paper, not plastic or nuggets.

We’re always looking to improve and I am by no means saying we think we’ve done enough, because we can always strive for better. Simply at the moment, we’re doing our best. I hope that helps with your concerns over our plastic wastage impact :blush:

[Edits: pallets are 6000 pouches not 5000]