Recyclable packaging, plans?

This has come up from time to time since, oh, 2015. I figured it was my turn to ask the yearly question :slight_smile:

Any progress on using recyclable packaging?

hashtag save the planet and that.

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I put my used pouches in the soft plastics thing at supermarkets. It says they take pet pouches and other foil lined stuff so hoping that’s right. It doesn’t say it on the pouch though.

Coup you’ve doomed us all.

I mean we’ve got some changes for ya!

Not all of our packaging is recycled at the moment, however, we are striving to be recyclable from 2025.

To confirm, the packaging of Huel Instant Meal pots (except lid), Greens, RTD, Essential, Bars, and Complete Protein is recyclable. We are working on Instant Meals Pouches and Powder (v3 and Black Edition) to make them recyclable ASAP.

Mark, can the pouches therefore not be recycled with crisp packets pet food pouches etc at the soft plastics trolley at supermarkets?

And where does the Greens pouch go, kerbside or soft plastics?

Reuse is better than recycle. Just keep using them for other stuff when they’re emptied, and never throw away or recycle unless absolutely unavoidable. Even one re-use per pouch means one less new bag, but Huel pouches are made to last forever. You’ll never need to buy another bin liner, bucket, growbag, plant pot, inflatable pillow, sandbag, toolbag, flotation device, cistern brick, chamber pot, lunchbox, drybag, storage jar… etc.

Show me some love please @Mark_Huel

Just turn yourself in. You’re serial wrongcycler and it’s not too late to change.

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Also, Huel pouches are really useful if you shop at a no-packaging zero-waste plastic-free loose goods shop. Get them filled up with coffee, rice, pasta, beans, cereals, washing powder, whatever, re-seal and off you go.

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I can’t afford to shop in those shops.

Or even as a short term improvement could there be an option for bigger bags for the powder? I have 4 bags each month, it would be less packaging if that was a bigger bag (only slightly though I guess?). Could even be combined with a discount :wink:

Don’t think I’ve let you off the hook @Mark_Huel

Coup, I feel a beautiful friendship growing between you and me right now.

Our Powder pouches (Minus Huel essential) & Hot and savoury pouches cannot be recycled so these go in general waste (for me this is Black bin)

Our Daily Greens and Essential pouch can be recycled with your plastic bags at the supermarket :heart:

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you!


I know you’re having a busy day mate so I thought I’d just pile some more on.

Information received. However, a follow up for the uneducated (me). Those supermarket soft plastic bins state they accept foil lined pouches such as pet food pouches. So are the v3.1 pouches not the same as a pet food pouch?

Bring it on :wink:

I suppose this depends on the materials that pet food pouches use but unfortunately, ours is not.

That being said, the future is a beautiful world and this could be something we see introduced :heart:

tik tok - 9 months left to do it and almost a year overdue…

Not if humans continue to fuck it all up.

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Our 2 local independants of these shops work out cheaper than Tesco and other mainstream supermarkets