Any plans for savoury flavour pouches?

I don’t know if this has been previously asked/suggested before, but do you have any plans for savoury flavour pouches? I don’t like sweet food enough to live off of it solely (I must say that the vanilla flavoured one is delicious on occasion though).

I also want to say that you guys are doing a great job, Huel is exactly what I’ve been looking for a few years now.


Hi @Matsu thank you for the kind words.

We do have a plan but haven’t found a suitable savoury flavour yet, what savoury flavour/s would you like?

Since the Huel texture/thickness is similar to soup then maybe typical soup flavours would work for savoury?

Tomato and basil
Broccoli and stilton
Mushroom etc etc.


@cheb tomato and basil sounds pretty good, maybe with a bit of chilli too.


Actually thats a thought. What happens if you warm up pre-mixed Huel or make it with boiling/hot water, would it do anything bad to the ingredients?

If that works, you could make a really good “Huel Soup”. :smile:

Hey Cheb,

There’s some more concise infortmation on heating Huel here:

To cut it down, here’s James’ words:

“When you heat Huel, carbohydrates remain unchanged. Proteins may change in structure upon heating, but this will not affect the amount of protein. Although some fats are prone to oxidation, ground flaxseeds have been shown to be much more stable than flaxseed oil. There may be losses of some of the more labile micronutrients when using boiling water (eg potassium, vitamin C, some B vitamins) because these micronutrients may partly leach into the water and be lost in evaporation. That being said, when baking to high temperatures there will much smaller losses as leaching and evaporation are much less of an issue.”

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Many thanks, the seed fats/vitamins was what I wondered about. Could make with hot but not boiling water I guess, it’s not like you’d be “cooking” it.

Yeah hot water should be fine. As long as it’s not boiling water there shouldn’t be any problems.

I would totally buy tomato and basil.
To me, having sweet huel in the morning is ideal (I have strawberry and sometimes I swap water for almond milk, or add an extra banana to the mix.

However, drinking a sweet huel in the evening still feells way too sweet and off for me.
I’m waiting to try the unflavoured 100g pouch when they become available.

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what if we mix in a little bit of those instant tomato soups? :stuck_out_tongue:

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It tried some beef, tomato, and chilli yesterday, none were good :frowning: but I have a different supply coming in today, fingers crossed these will be better.


I guess savoury flavours are a lot more complex and require more ingredients… right?
anwyays good luck, I’m looking forward to my next order in January, I will probably split in sweet and plain versions.

I have been told that the biggest issue with savoury flavours would be the salt/sodium amounts. Am I right?

@Raymondcal well maybe, it depends, but yes in general they do use a lot of salt, but if the flavour is strong enough the amount will be small overall.

I’d love savoury flavours because sweet all day is too much for me! Perhaps chicken and mushroom, beef and tomoato, tomato and basil etc… keeping it vegan would be great as well!



I’ve mentioned it before, but I make a nice spicy tomato huel. I swap half of the water with tomato juice and then add chili pepper flakes, lime juice, garlic, coriander, and a bit of plain yogurt. It’s quite moreish.


A green thai curry flavour would be lovely!


I’d also like savoury flavours. Tomate, mentioned here, would be really nice.

I still think this would be a cool idea. However I would highly recommend this flavour hack for Huel: Peanut Curry It tastes like chicken satay!

Thanks, I’ll try it. Yesterday I tried it mixed with tomato basil sauce, I liked it :slight_smile: