I think I've cracked savoury huel!

I’ve been doing huel for the past week and a bit and so far I’m really loving it.
I’m on a calorie controlled diet so it’s perfect for that. However, I ordered only Vanilla which I find too sweet but over time I have adapted the amount and the sweetness has lessened.
I do two meals a day huel. Breakfast and lunch but I have such a savoury tooth that the vanilla at lunch was started to become really difficult. So I ordered an unflavoured sample and set about trying to make a savoury soup for lunch.
This is my recipe so far and it was pretty yummy!
30g unflavoured huel
1 tesco chicken stock pot
10g peanut butter
1tsp of curry powder
Couple of drops of Tabasco

Put all the ingredients into a nutri bullet or similar and blitz up with a few tbsp of water. Pour into a bowl and top up with boiling water to make as much soup as you like. I think I’ve had about 500ml.

It takes really nice if a little too salty but you could half the stock pot with pretty much the same result.
It tastes a lot like chicken and mushroom pot noodle. Not that I eat pot noodle ever but it certainly reminded me of that.
I work in food so I am quite adapt at trying new foods but I really think this is wicked.
Give it a try and let me know what you think!


Whereas I would never use a nutribullet because it takes away from the convenience, nor eat Huel hot, I gave you an enthusiastic :heart: for coming up with a palatable savoury option. Reminds me of chicken satay with peanut sauce.

Well done.


Hi, i.dont like the vanilla flavour and hate the texture of the smoothie (i am a fuss pot about all food so no great surprise i can even be fussy over powder!). Ive been eating my huel as cookies which is fine except a hassle to remember to bake them. I do 300g unflavoured huel, 30ml oil, 2 eggs, tablespoon sugar, 1.5 tsp baking soda, some raisins.and water if needed.
I havent tried any savoury meals but am thinking your savoury recipe might be a good alternative. Especially as its warm. Ill try it out tomorrow. If you hve any other recipes please share!

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Hi there, glad to see I’m not the only one who gets tired of sweet :slight_smile:
My recipe is:
200g Un-Huel
1 (or 2, dep. on water quantity) Knorr vegetable stock cube
2 teaspoons of sweet chilli sauce

I’ve also been lately replacing the stock cube with half a teaspoon of Polish spices from Lidl with good results: it doessn’t require dissolving in hot water first and doesn’t contain fats that stick to the shaker (the taste though is a bit less good)


This is great @Imogen_Rose thank you for your input.

I have the same issue with Vanilla on it’s own being way too sweet and I have a good mix to balance it out for my Breakfast (but that’s another topic).

I’m also experimenting with savoury options and will bounce them around here as I discover anything new and worthwhile.

I have a slightly modified version of your recipe which uses 114g U/U Huel and therefore makes up a small meal for lunch to deliver 1/4 of my daily calories.
I don’t have an issue with it being over salty, perhaps Knorr contains less salt?
They also make veg, beef and mixed herb stock pot which I shall also be trying out (will let you know how I get on).

Chicken & Peanut Huel Soup: Delicious!
500ml water
3 scoops U/U Huel
1 Knorr Chicken Stock Pot
1 tsp Meridian peanut butter
1-2 tsp spicy sauce to taste - At the mo I’m using Pickapepper Jamaican Spicy Mango Sauce
6 Twists of black pepper

Blitz in the NutriBullet.
Pour into saucepan and heat.
You could do it Imogen’s way by blitzing with 200ml cold and then pouring on 300ml boiling to skip the pan.

Comsume and enjoy! Let me know what you think of Knorr Imogen and do let us know of any new discoveries.

Question for the team, does heating / using hot water ruin any of Huels nutritional value?


This has bee discussed before (the nutrient loss on heating).

IIRC the first thing to go is the vitamin C. But that should be fine if you’re not actually bringing to boil the entire mix but only pouring some hot water into the cold mix.


I am going to give this a go thanks for the recipe @James_Corelli i will let you know how I get on …I will also mention it on my blog.

If you are struggling with the sweetness you could go with a 50/50 mix of vanilla and unflavoured. This is my preferred method. Of course you could try any ratio to find what’s ideal for you. That suits me fine. I am a person with a savoury rather than sweet palate, but I find unflavoured too hard to drink and haven’t been able to find a good compromise for a tasty savoury option.

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Question: Is there any savoury liquid (Huel or not) that you enjoy drinking? I cannot think of any.

Thanks for the help that didn’t even cross my mind !

Bovril ? Gravy ? Lol :yum:

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Soup? I realise “drink” is maybe not accurate but it depends on the circumstances. I happily drink soup from a cup when hiking or in cold environments (rather than use a spoon and slowly eat it)

I used to make savoury smoothies (V8, cucumber, avocado, spinach, coriander, lime juice, and hot sauce) and have used that as a template for savoury Huel. It’s lovely!

I’ve been having savoury Huel for lunch - I have a small blender which takes about 300ml of water so my recipe is:
Put 1 tbsp. peanut butter, 1 tbsp. Tamari, 1 tsp bouillon powder, 1 tsp curry powder into blender cup.
Pour 300ml boiling water over
Add one scoop unflavoured Huel powder
It comes out quite thick, very smooth, very savoury and tasty!

Still would like to know if I can use Huel to make porridge in the colder weather for breakfast? If no-one knows, I’ll have to experiment!

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I made pancakes using Huel instead of flour but the resultant pancakes were very sticky and hard to get off the pan, they were also very friable and hard to keep in one piece - they tended to break up very easily in the pan. Having said that, once I scraped the mess out of the pan and onto a plate, they were tasty and I got better at managing the mixture and the cooking technique by the time I finished the batter. Probably won’t do that too often though …

Linz. Veg soup

I got a sample of each kind and decided to order the vanilla. However I made something really nice with the unflavoured. I made a soup with stock from a Kallo organic vegetable cube, added chopped celery and kale, gave it a fifteen minute simmer then added watercress and simmered for a further five minutes. I then put it all in a big pyrex bowl, added the Huel and whizzed it with my brilliant Braun 450 watt blender stick, so I got a drinkable consistency; tasty vegetable soup packed with goodness. Incidentally my blender stick is much better than the shaker, quick, efficient and no lumps.


I’ve also been whizzing up unflavoured/unsweetened Huel powder with a thin homemade vegetable soup at lunch times and that works really well. The powder plus soya milk gently heated in the mornings makes a nice Ready-Brek texture/flavoured porridge which feels very warming and sustaining on cold mornings and doesn’t need any sugar (well, I haven’t needed to add any but I wouldn’t add it to porridge anyway).

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Your porridge sounds nice, I’ll try it that way though I tend to use nut milks rather than soya, I guess it will work just as well.

Not sure about the raw curry powder and seems to be a lot of extra salt and sugars

Nut milk would work fine, I’m sure.
Not sure what you mean, Michael1? I suppose it depends on why you are using Huel - but if you want it to taste of something (I’m referring to the unflavoured one), then something has to be added. There are low salt versions of veg bouillon …
Last night I whizzed up a scoop of Huel into a jar of Sharwood’s curry sauce, poured over cooked veg and rice - that worked well too.
I guess I’m integrating Huel into my ‘normal’ eating rather than using it as a replacement for food …

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