Huel pancakes - will the heat damage the product?

I am thinking about making some Huel pancakes because I find it difficult to stomach the thick, plain liquid on it’s own, but I’m concerned that the high heat involved in the making of the pancakes will damage some of the micronutrients or even some of the macronutrients in the product. Obviously if I’m rendering the nutritional element of Huel redundant in the process of making the pancakes then there’s no point using Huel to make them in the first place.

I know that this question might be difficult to answer because you can’t really test the nutritional content of the pancakes once they’re cooked, but any sort of guidance would be appreciated.


Hi - there may be some small losses of the labile micronutrients, but nothing major.

Not difficult at all to answer: [Nutrient Retention Factors]


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Thanks for that link Ric, it’s quite a bit of reading but you seem to have nailed exactly what I was after :smile:

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I tried to make pancakes with no success. I think it needs gluten. Possibly a mix with some flour would make it work.

Add egg to the mix to bind the ingredients

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