Loss of nutrients through huel bread baking/toasting?

i bake a huel loaf of bread every day (mixed with reg flour) but wanted to know how many of the ingredients/nutrients of huel were being lost due to baking (in bread machine) and then subsequent toasting.

Am basically living and loving huel bread but would be great to know exactly what I am losing thru cooking…

Hi there, great question! I’ve taken the answer directly from our website. Sorry for the copy paste, if you have any other questions then let us know!

"Heating Huel can have some effect on the nutritional content, which is why we don’t just add Huel to everything we cook. This is what our nutritionist, James Collier BSc (Hons), RNutr, says about what happens to the nutritional content when you heat your Huel:

“When you heat Huel, carbohydrates remain unchanged. Proteins may change in structure upon heating, but this will not affect the amount of protein. Although some fats are prone to oxidation, ground flaxseeds have been shown to be much more stable than flaxseed oil. There may be losses of some of the more labile micronutrients when using boiling water (eg potassium, vitamin C, some B vitamins) because these micronutrients may partly leach into the water and be lost in evaporation. That being said, when baking to high temperatures there will much smaller losses as leaching and evaporation are much less of an issue.”

So as long as you aren’t cooking your Huel in boiling water or heating it to great temperatures, the nutritional content remains relatively unchanged.".

I hope this helps!

that’s great, thanks for the prompt reply!