Baking with Huel

I’m fairly new to Huel and I’m just wondering if you made the Huel cookies or muffins for breakfast what kind of effect would this have as opposed to drinking it in the morning?

Baking Huel will lose some of the more labile phytonutrients like Vitamin C, Riboflavin and Thiamine, but the Huel nutritionals remain mostly intact for the majority of the vitamins and minerals. However, you’ll also get additional calories eand other nutrients from the extra ingredients.

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Thanks for the reply!
So aside from losing those things, would this still be a decent way of getting the benefits of Huel?

I would probably say so. It depends what your goal is though, for me the main benefit is calorie counting, so I weigh up my huel, have a quick guess for the extra ingredients and devour a days worth of huel in cookie format :smiley: Because I can!! and… I know I am good on the calorie front :stuck_out_tongue: