Does cooking Huel damage the nutrients?

I’m a big fan of Huel and have it every lunch as a shake.

I had a go at making Huel bars/flapjacks myself. I was inspired by the Huel Bar but a bit put off by the cost (and it being only 250 cals). I’d like something like that for when I’m on the train etc and don’t want to be carrying a shaker that might spill in my bag.

I used Honey, butter and almond butter to bind it. I tried lightly baking one ~500 calorie bar and it was pretty decent. Huel made up 400 calories of this. I know its not as healthy as Huel + water but I imagine its pretty decent compared to most things you can eat on the go.

I’ve seen it written somewhere before that cooking Huel damages the nutrients in it? Is this true?

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Heating Huel to high temperatures will damage some of the more labile micronutrients like Vitamin C and certain B vitamins yes. Less so when baked compared to straight up heating, but there will still be degradation.

Do you have any pictures of the bars? Would love to see!

Can you post a recipe?

i bake a huel loaf of bread every day (mixed with reg flour) but wanted to know how many of the ingredients/nutrients of the huel were being lost due to baking (in bread machine) and then the subsequent toasting.

Am basically loving and living on huel bread and need to know how much of the good stuff I am losing…

Is… is this an option…?

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You haven’t noticed suggestions like:

Will Huel cost more after decimalisation?

Using Huel to prevent scurvy when sailing to the new world

Damn Trojans could feed themselves for years with all that Huel. Got any bright ideas, Odysseus?


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