A home made alternative to Huel bars? Poor mans Huel bar

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Just as a preface, this isn’t my recipe. I am just reposting this from a youtube video (happens to be the guy who does all the insta videos on how to mix huel and stuff). I saw this recipe and used it myself, and its very very good - the video will be linked below, its a nice little video, but the recipe is all we really need from it. Also a preface:

This recipe is in no way as nutritionally balanced as the actual Huel bar! Do not expect it to be!

This is more of a quick fix way of reducing my calories with a sweet treat while still getting plenty of fiber and huel goodness and tiding me over until I get my depressing pay check to get my fix of actual huel goodness. I use it on my work breaks, often after my solid meal (some pasta salad usually) as a filling dessert. Occasionally I use it as I might use a huel bar - for a quick light meal if I am on a 6am shift and can’t be bothered/ am not alive enough to even make a shaker of huel.

Using this recipe alone I have converted my mother to huel who is a vegan and really needed some way of quick snacks. It really is quite tasty, not “oh considering its heul, its tasty”, seriously “This is damn good! Oh, it has heul in it? BONUS”.

Final preface: You need a food processor - no getting around that one unfortunately.

So the recipe:

-1 cup (85g) oats
-1/2 cup (80g) Huel
-1/4 cup (20g) cacao powder
-15g desiccated coconut
-15g pecans
-1 cup (140g) medjool dates (soaked in an ambiguous amount of water - I found about 400-500mls was about right)
-pinch of salt
-1/2 tsp vanilla extract
-2 tbsp cacao nips


  1. Tear dates up into halves (roughly, size isn’t too important), put them into water to soak.
  2. Put Oats into the processor - Blitz 10 bells out of them, until they are dust like - almost looks like huel in consistency. I found this didn’t take long, like 30 secs to a min, but mileage vary with your food processor.
  3. Add the Huel and Cacao powder to the oats. Blitz again until all mixed and its looks like hot chocolate powder.
  4. Then the desiccated coconut and the chopped pecans Save a bit of these for later - I forgot and just added a little extra later in the process. In the video he uses coconut shavings - don’t worry, the normal powder like desiccated coconut works absolutely fine!
  5. Now add the dates, the pinch of salt and vanilla extract. Blend it a little.
  6. Slowly add water and blend. As soon as it makes a dough like texture (you’ll know by how it looks and how the food processor nearly dies trying to blend a solid chunk of dough) add a little extra water and take it out into a bowl.
  7. knead it a little just to check the texture - if its a little dry add a little (I mean a little!!!) water and knead it into the dough. You can tell the right texture because it should feel like a little like clay or playdough thats a little dry - it should leave a powder like residue on your hands.
  8. Finally: Roll or work into the shape you desire, balls or bars! (Edit) add the extra pecans and cacao nibs now! Work into the dough mixture until evenly distributed. I separated my bars while i stored them in the fridge and freezer on greaseproof paper and when they were frozen or cold from the fridge, took them out and wrapped them in cling film and stored them away as little portions (I’m sorry Mr. Environment, please forgive me).

So using my poor maths I make this out to be 1100 cals (roughly) per batch. And it makes quite a lot. I didn’t measure portions the first time, just rolled them into balls or bars for around what I thought would be a nice snack size, but if I use a good guesstimate - 100 and 250cal portions would be good sizes and still nice and filling.

I don’t have any nutrient profile - I used My fitness pal to help me and I don’t have their premium version to give me a detailed summary (Perhaps someone can use their own app to help us out with a nutrient profile?). But nothing really bad went in - my cacao and oats were organic and pure. Huel is Huel and the rest of it isn’t bad, its nuts and coconut.

Edit: I had an idea to make this with rice crispy bits. Instead of adding pecans at the end, add a bunch of crispies for a satisfying crunch? I’ll try this and get back to you!

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HisGswfo5i0&t=191s



Good job. I had a stab at this and put it on another post. I haven’t looked in depth at fat content, but have worked out the sugar.

600g GF Huel - ~2400 cals
23g Butter - 168 cals
60g honey - 196 cals (48g sugar)
17g olive oil - 153 cals
47g almond butter - 307 cals (no added sugar)

All this was mixed together using about 450 mls of recently boiled water. Then rolled up into 24 balls weight about 50 g each. I put them in the fridge to firm up and then froze them.

Each ball has about 135 cals and 2 g sugar on top of the sugar in the Huel. They don’t taste too bad and are a pretty decent snack. Mine has much less fruit in it so is probably less tasty than yours!


I made my first batch of huel bars this morning, kept it really simple, and from the little nibble I’ve had so far they seem good.

6 scoops huel
3 medjool dates
approx tablespoon agave nectar
3 tsp choc powder
3 drops orange extract
Just enough water to make a dough consistency

I put everything in the blender except the water, which I added in 1tsp amounts as I went along, then removed the dough and shaped into two enormous bars!

I’m planning on doing my first 100% huel day today, so one of these should help!


Sorry for not catching this earlier, I have a detailed nutritional profile for these. Take it with a pinch of salt as I was the one who added Huel Vanilla to their software, but it should be pretty accurate for macronutrients. I have tried to upload the PDF but it won’t give the profile per 100g, which is annoying. So I have taken screenshots instead :thumbsup:

Hope this helps!

Going to make at home definitely