Huel bar Alternatives?

Not being able to order bars when I run out with no information whatsoever when they might come back is getting very frustrating, are there alternatives, so I don’t have to constantly wait?

I don’t think it’s fair to ask on the Huel forum for alternatives to Huel products.

I don’t personally like the bars (although some people have noticed a variation in bar texture, I may have had a particularly dry freebie), but it’d be tough to find something in shops with comparable nutrition and low sugar levels. You’d be looking for a bar with high calories, but low GI (and thus low sugar) and enriched with vitamins and minerals. An internet search for ‘meal replacement bars’ would give you a few options, just briefly compare the nutrition to huel bars.
A more huelly option would be to try one of the following recipes (the muffins look particularly good):

I really like the Queal bars. Each is 400 calories, and way nicer than a Huel bar.

They look interesting, however, they are a bit more expensive… but seems like a decent alternative, thanks!

I really appreciate how inconvenient this is for you but there is no point in over promising on a re-stock date that we can’t fulfil - I think that would be more frustrating to keep changing the date.

I realise you need something to fill the gap and I know why you have posted this but please utilise the many other forums, search engines and websites that offer advise on other products. Closing topic for this reason.

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