Huel Bars?

Any dates as to when they will be back in stock ?


I’m sure they were last week but now gone again?

@TimOfficeHuel any chance of enabling the back order of bars? I’m down to my last box and would like to just order some now and not have to keep checking.

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I’ve found an alternative bar in Aldi of all places. Hike protein bars, 3 flavours Banana 169kcal, Berry 168kcal & Cacao 190kcal all three taste good and best of all are only 49p each.


I like Hike.

Not normally one to bump threads but bump.

ETA on the bars?

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Hey Huelers,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you on this. Can’t apologise more for the lack of bar stock, we’re working hard to sort it out but I do not have a date for you. We’re really sorry for how vague this is.

However, Chris has managed to set up a sign up banner now to update you when they are back. Head to the bar product page and a banner will appear at the bottom for you to sign up.

Hope this helps, we’ll do our best to keep you posted on progress.


Any closer to an ETA on the bars?
Even a guesstimate would be nice, so we know if we should just wait if they’ll be back in stock in a week, or if we should start looking for alternatives if they aren’t going to be back in stock for months

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I don’t even have a guesstimate to give you.

We are really working on this, but are dealing with some external parties which can slow it down. We are just as frustrated as you but as soon as we will know, you will know. The good news is that the result will hopefully be a better bar.


I feel like it’s been a couple months by now and they bars are still not in stock. Even worse is that there isn’t even an estimated date when they will be again.

Can anyone make a recommendation for a good alternative product with comparable quality? I know Aldi was mentioned but since I don’t live in the UK I don’T have access to that. Perhaps on amazon?

To my knowledge, the only other nutritionally-complete bars you can get in the EU would be Twennybars from Jimmy Joy, and I wouldn’t say they’re as good nutritionally as the Huel bars were. Still pleasant enough, but also not vegan to my knowledge.

EDIT: There’s also the Queal Wundrbar but I know nothing about it

I am really sceptical of Queal. I ordered the sample pack for 50 Euro and had to throw them all out. I had only tried it for one day but my stomach had a really bad reaction to it. I am not even sure what ingredient it was (maybe maltodextrin?). With Huel I can replace 2 or even all meals a day and it makes me feel really good.

I found a bar called “Feed.” on Blendrunner(.)com - the indredients look interesting. But it’S super expensive…

All the regular bars that are available on amazon etc are not vegan and usually super high in sugar.

Anyway thanks for the tip.

Really sorry about this; there have been some issues. Fingers crossed for a couple of weeks…


I will take you by your word, James :wink:

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I moved over to Jake vitiambars(?) which are EU based and ship to the UK until huel get bars back. They are also vegan but slightly more expensive - quite nice tho!

any updates on the bars? I’ve had to buy something else to keep me full :frowning:

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I don’t understand how Huel can be so bad at the Bars. Why would they stay with a manufacturer that doesn’t give out any information?

I thinkt it is really weird and a little bit unfair toward the customers.

At least provide and estimate when they will be available. To keep saying that you have no idea when they will become available again for a period of 3 months is not OK.

Just be transparent and say that they will be available earliest e.g. in 2018.

If they did this, it would reflect way worse on them if they weren’t available by early 2018. If they had information to give that they were certain on, they’d have said.

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It would be worse to provide you with an estimate that we couldn’t deliver on. There are so many factors at play, if any one has a hold up then it inhibits the whole production. We can give you a date we want to bring the bars back on but if we didn’t put the bars back in stock on that date I imagine you would be more annoyed?

We are completely transparent in so many areas of Huel, especially nutrition but also in production and the people that work for Huel but there is a difference between being transparent and making promises we can’t keep. We’ve been caught out here before and won’t do it again.

We are making good progress to ensure that the likelihood of this happening in the future is drastically reduced.

I really can’t express how sorry we are that you have all been left without your Huel Bars, it’s a massive hit for us too and we are just as frustrated as you all. The end result of all of this will be a better bar which is really exciting!

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@Tim_Huel I appreciate your effort. For me it is just surprising that over a period of 3 months a company is not able to predict whether a product will be in stock the next day or the next month or the next year.

Regarding transparency - I am not asking for info on what the issue is. I am asking for any kind of indication. But I understand now that you cannot provide this.