Huel Bars shortage,

How long is there going to be a restriction on the amount of huel bars you can buy?
Been a while now, what’s the problem ?


Think someone said before that they were just a lot more popular than expected, bigger packs coming back in the next week or so.


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Have been getting messages about the shortage for the past 4 days and so…no huel bars for me this week, apparently, and I’ll run out of them tomorrow :frowning: Any news?

Any more news? We heard a weeks tops a week ago?

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Come on man, hurry them along :wink:

I need my huel fix - I’m too depressed to eat properly and they’re going to save me!

Hi there all, I know you are missing your Huel bars and we’re so sorry about the delay. As you’ve mentioned, they’ve been going down a treat and we ran out of our 16 bar boxes. The 5 bar boxes haven’t been out of stock and you can still purchase them if you need a quick fix!

The turnaround on new stock will be more like weeks, not months, so you won’t have to wait much longer.

The 5 bar packs are still in stock because they are so much more expensive! I can’t justify spending £12 on 5 bars! :disappointed:

can we have the 5 bars on free next day delivery until the bigger boxes come back in stock?

Yeah, it bugs me when companies give that kind of advice. How about they
offer the 5 bar packs temporarily at the same price per bar as the larger
packs, just while the 16s are out of stock? That would gain customer
goodwill, rather than gradually losing it.

Just to update, the 16, 32, 48, 64 and 80 bar options are back in stock!


Are the 80 bars sold out already? I am not able to put them in the basket. Many thanks.

Just successfully placed an order for 64 bars, seems they’re back in stock.

@TimOfficeHuel the last couple of times I’ve logged in there’ve been no bars available again. I’ve just subscribed to the Huel Bar mailing list but will have missed any messages on the subject. Any chance you could let us know expected availability please? Looking to work out whether I can fit them into my next subscription order…

Hi there,

Yes we’re so sorry for the time it’s taken to get us back to full strength. We had some bars come in to tide us over for subscription orders but they were quickly snapped up. It won’t be long now, but I can’t give you an exact date. It will be weeks not months. Thanks for your patience. Don’t worry about your subscription, we will fulfill it as soon as we have the bars back in stock.

Hi Tim

is there any further update available?


@Gary_Dufley The bars came back in stock on 20th March: I ordered some that day and received them on the 21st. Still appear to be in stock in the shop. The only problem is that they’ve only got the smaller boxes, up to 32 bars, in.



Yes I’d received a pack of 5 just to test, and wanted to subscribe to the largest pack. Unfortunately I have not seen that size in stock yet