Huel bars unavailable?

I just tried my sample bar, and think these might work well for me. I went to order some more but the web site says ‘currently unavailable.’ Will they be available to order soon?


I am new here, so I’m not sure how this forum works. Did I post in the wrong place? Will anyone from Huel ever answer?

You might be better sending an email -

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They do post here but you’ll usually get a faster response to direct queries by emailing them as 5harpy suggests.

Did you get an answer? I’m interested in buying some too…

Thanks everyone - will email as suggested and post here when I have the answer

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Hi - I emailed Huel they responded right away as follows:

Unfortunately our bars are currently out of stock and we don’t have a specific date for when they will be back. Do keep an eye out on our website for them!

Hope it’s not too long a wait!

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Hi Afia,

Thank you for getting in contact. Sorry that the bars aren’t available at the moment, we have run out of stock due to demand but hopefully should have them back in weeks not months. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I do try my best to keep up to date on the forum but especially after the weekends there is a lot of content to read and reply to. If you have any questions that need answering urgently then is the best place. However, everything about your post was right though!

Hope this helps.


muahaha. knew it was a good idea buying an extra box last time.

Any further update on when these will be back, please? Thanks!

No because that’s what made the supply run out quicker :roll_eyes:


There’s only one reason the stock has ran out and it’s not the fault of the people buying it.


Hope they’re back soon. I don’t want to have to ration the ones I’ve got left! :joy:

@TimOfficeHuel The bars running out seems to be a reccuring problem, it’s not the first time I cannot order the amount I want (to get the discount, y’a know :smile:). This time it’s completely out of stock… Is there any plan for increasing the production ?

We absolutely can produce more than enough usually but we’ve just had such an uplift following our feature on Jeremy Vine that it caught us on the hop. We are so sorry for the problems, we’re just as frustrated as you. We like to run a tight ship with bar stock so we can get them to you as fresh as possible.

Fingers crossed we should be set by the end of the month.

@TimOfficeHuel has there been an increase in sales in the powder too?

I personally wasn’t impressed with the Jeremy Vine piece as I felt Julian wasn’t given enough air time but if sales have increased then that’s good.

We did have a spike in overall sales following on from the Jeremy Vine show. I think it put Huel in front of a huge amount of people and an audience that wouldn’t necessarily have heard anything about Huel before. All very welcome but unfortunately it did have a knock on effect for our bars which we keep a limited amount of stock for - to maintain freshness.

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