Huel Bar - now available to pre-order, for dispatch on the 20th Dec

Hi Huelers,

We are extremely excited to announce the Huel bar.

The first full production run was yesterday (13th Dec). The bars will be boxed and sent to our fulfilment house this week for dispatch next Tues.

You can pre-order and find out more information here…

Here is a sneak preview…


Can you state the caffeine content please.

@coup between 4mg and 8mg per bar.

Which ingredient is the source of this caffeine content?

Looking online suggests caffeine is in both Cocoa Powder and Cocoa Fibre.

I found that online too, but with no scientific backing. Looks to me like chocolate does not contain Caffeine but instead has Theobromine which many confuse with Caffeine due to some similarity between the two.

God damn its pricy! Can get it down to 1.35 a bar in the biggest sized order but at only 1/8th of needed intake liquid huel will have to remain the mainstay.

The bar was never intended to replace the powder. It’s designed as a snack or light meal when you don’t have time for anything else and would maybe reach for a chocolate bar or packet of crisps.


@Coup is right. The bar has a different use case. We make the same margin on both powder and bar so that shows the extra cost of the ingredients and production.


Its what I’ve always said though, I like many others will prefer, possibly always prefer a solid diet over a liquid diet.

It’s roughly double the price compared to eating Twenny Bars. What a shame.

It’s also less convenient, as you have to eat 8 of them for the equivalent of 1 day of food. I think I will stick to Twenny Bars for now, for times when I’m out and about. And Huel powder for when I’m at home.

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Doesn’t seem much benefit over twennybars either, since they’re both 11-12% sugar. Also I thought twennybar planned to reduce that.

Not that I would eat any food replacement 100%, but for £12.40 (2,000kcal of bars) I could buy 2,000kcal of quite healthy varied snack salads and sandwiches.

I like Huel, I’ve had 1,350kcal today, but when I drink a lot of it I always begin to miss solid food. I would love a cheap healthy solid “complete food”.


How? I could only see 32 bars for £55 (£1.71 each) and no option for subscription…

More expensive than I’d hoped but ordered anyway…

Further down the page it says

32 bars. 8000 calories at 250 calories each. Cost per bar is £1.72 (£1.55 on subscription).

Yes, but I couldn’t see any way to order on subscription and Peter_Cowen said they were able to get it down to £1.35 a bar!

You guys forgot to add them to the German version of the website:

Ordering the 32 bar option seems to be broken too. When I try to do that (on the regular version of the site), it only seems to add the 5 bar option.

The nutritional information also indicate that the bars are 21.8% fibre. That seems crazy high. Is this possibly just a typo?

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I was hoping for something with considerably less sugar in it. Hopefully they taste awesome though (they should with that much sugar in them).

For those of you who were hoping for something you could use more regularly in your diet, you may like to try what I did and make your own bars out of the Huel powder.

Those bars of mine have only 2% sugar in comparison with the official Huel bars. I’m 100% sure that the official Huel bars will taste better though.

I will probably attempt to make new versions of these bars now that it’s clear I can’t use the official bars as a major part of my diet. I find solid bars a lot more convenient than shakes.

I’ve been making bars like this for a few years now, and I find Huel powder is bar far the most convenient building block to make them from.


I have ordered to show my support for this new product and also a little bit actually just to see if I’ll like it. Part of me can hardly believe you guys are actually making these official huel bars now. I remember the customer suggestions and requests and even the April fools joke like it was only a few weeks ago. Time flies!

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Ignore what I said sorry it is not 1.35

Ryan the only problem I had with your bars is it seems like for each bar you aren’t consuming that much girl but a lot more peanut butter and chocolate. Maybe it’s gotta be that way but doesn’t seem like a sustainable long term day to day diet