Huel Bars v2.0 now available

A new & improved version of Huel Bar is now available with a new soft texture.

Huel Bar v2.0 is:

  • High protein - 15.5g per bar
  • High in fibre - 7.5g per bar
  • A source of omega-3 fats
  • Contains all 26 vitamins & minerals
  • Rich in vitamin C and Iron
  • Vegan
  • Gluten-free

You can buy them here read the label and nutrition informaiton here.


If I ordered 80 bars a few days ago and the order was dispatched today (a few hours before your announcement), am I getting the new 2.0 bars?

Hi @Cesare_de_Cal - you’ll be receiving the older version of the bars. We updated the website content around 11am yesterday (Wednesday) so from that point people will be receiving the new bars.


Thanks James! FYI I think this page needs to be updated to reflect the latest changes (Huel Bar):

Plus, I see the fiber contents of the Huel Bars was reduced from 15 grams to about 7. Were 15 grams too much?

Thanks; we’ve had lots of web content to update - that page has been done now (apart from contents navigation) and I think all content is updated for the new powder and bar; but if you spot anything else, please let us know.

Yes, the fibre is reduced as we’ve used different soluble fibre binders, some people complained that a couple of the previous bars had a mild laxative effect.


Tried my first 2.0 bar. What a difference!! They are a LOT more softer, great texture. There is a little strange film over the top that’s a bit artificial…almost like a glossy honey type of look but minor gripe for a big upgrade.
All you had to do is keep these in stock. Well done Huel team!


Just tried my first of the new huel bars… please never change this recipe, these are amazing. 10/10. What a treat. Almost feels like there’s no way something can be this healthy and taste this good!


OMG! I just tried Huel Bar 2.0!

I didn’t know they had been upgraded… just out of stock for ages!

They are fruity flavoured, juicier, crispier, much more like a chocolate bar!

I was only going to have one for dinner but want two!



Agreed, they’re going to serve another purpose for me in teaching myself how to control my urges for tasty treats.


And here’s me with 80 Huel 1.2 bars left lol


lol… harsh

Just tried the new bar. Definitely a better texture and they seem to taste a bit better too. I’m a bit upset at the higher fat/sugar/salt content as I think the crumbly v1 bars were just fine.

I do like the new dark crunchy things in v2. It seems like you’ve added some sort of nut?

They’re cacao nibs, I think.

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They are cacao nibs


I’ve not tried the new bars yet, but I actually really liked the crumbly dry texture of the original ones…think I was a minority tho…


Quick tip before it’s too late: Keep some of your old 1.0 bar wrappers. When you feel the need for an old style bar, just pour half a scoop of huel into the wrapper & voila!


LOL - great tip.

Prices are too high… specially when buying in euros… I will buy an alternative like Jimmy Joy…

Please make something for the euro conversion, I dont like buying in pounds


Hi @airiartev - we will have something set up for Euros for those residing in Europe very soon.

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I want to buy bars and cereals, any estimated time to wait?