Say HELLO to new Complete Nutrition Bars

Hey Hueligans…
The next generation of Huel Bars is here!
Driven by innovation, years of testing and development have been put into perfecting the taste and texture of our bars.
The result is our NEW Complete Nutrition Bar – tastier than your favourite chocolate bar (and more nutritious too), with indulgent caramel, crunchy nuts, and velvety vegan chocolate.
And unlike other bars on the market, Huel Complete Nutrition Bar has all the nutrients you need, including 13g of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals.
:star: Available in 2 tasty flavours - :peanuts: Peanut Caramel & :chocolate_bar: Chocolate Caramel
:star: 26 essential vitamins & minerals
:star: 170 science-backed health benefits, including immune support with vitamin C and healthy skin with biotin
:star: Less than 200kcal
:star: High protein, only 2g of sugar
:star: Velvety vegan chocolate
:star: Seriously smooth caramel layer
Try Huel Complete Nutrition Bar today :point_right: Huel Complete Nutrition Bar


Eh, these aren’t really what I’m looking for.

They’re also basically identical to Misfits, which would serve me fine.

Speaking of, the price comparisons you make to the other bars aren’t really fair. I would place a small bet that very few people are buying Misfits or Grenade bars from Ocado at the more premium price vs on their website.

For example you list Misfits as 2.20 a bar when when you buy a box from their website, they’re 1.83.

I hope Huel build this out over time, and come up with something a bit more unique.


Misfits aren’t complete nutrition though, that’s the fundamental difference. They are high protein bars. I like some/most of their bars I must admit and there are quite a few different flavours.

I’ve ordered some Huel ones today to see what they are like anyway.

I was never over-enamoured with the previous iterations of Huel bars. I think I may have been when the very first ones came out, but they were a bit too dry and tasted of cardboard. Later versions improved but never quite nailed it and I never reordered them after first time. I may never re-order these but gonna try them before I make a knee-jerk judgement.


I was very interested but 2,71€ for 1 bar that doesnt even get 200kcal its too much

If they were 300kcal or 400kcal I would purchase it frequently. Maybe I try it just for the test, but its too expensive for regular use or too little calories.

I was paying the bars, but forgot to check the ingredients… Maltitol? Wtf


What ARE you looking for?

I doubt I will try these, if I want a bar of chocolate I’d rather have a bar of chocolate and consider that outside of my nutritional intake.
I imagine these will work for some people though, presumably people that used the old bars for a start.

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A protein bar, so I will stick with Misfits and Grenade (grenade being the preference).

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This is a fair point, but it doesn’t appeal to me as I’m getting my ‘complete nutrition’ from my Black and H&S. Also, is that REALLY a selling point for these? The amount of ‘complete nutrition’ you’re getting on a 180 calorie bar isnt really that high. Great for people who usually eat McDonalds, but just not a selling point for me, so I can cut them out of my other options (Misfits, Grenade).

Ok we’ve established they aren’t for you then. Same as the vitamin drink isn’t for everyone who can just have a red bull or iron bru. I’m never quite sure why some people have to stick to one brand. If grenade work for you eat them, they don’t work for me cos they aren’t vegan.

Misfits bars are ok tho, I eat them sometimes and i will still eat them sometimes even if I buy these as well.

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It just makes things so much easier when it all comes from one subscription. I’m only a recent convert to Misfits and Grenade after Huel announced they were stopping the protein bars.

We do 100% of our calories from Huel and it would have been nice to stick with it.

A bit like having an iPhone/Mac/Watch etc!

But you just said you don’t need the complete meal bar. Huel specialises in complete foods. So a bit of a mixed message there.

I have an iPad, iMac, MacBook, Garmin smart watch and Google phones. I manage ok with that combo.


WELL… I absolutely agree that people should just get what they want from where they want and not just limit themselves to one brand… BUT… If its not training clothing then all I own is Paul Smith, it would never occur to me to but a laptop/phone/tablet/smart watch etc that wasn’t Apple and I do only buy Huel that isn’t traditional foods.

I guess my question would be if you’re getting 100% of your calories from Huel, then you’re already getting between one and two hundred grams of protein depending on the product you use - plus the option of adding a scoop of complete protein into the mix if you wanted a boost - so why would you need an additional high protein bar product?.

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They look good to me. I’ve never been a customer for bars as I couldn’t justify buying in enough bulk to get the good price, but if the new discount system allows me to try a few at the £2 price point I’m going to give them a go.

I for one and hyped and eager to try these :grin: thanks for reinventing the product, these look much better than the old bars

I am looking forward to giving these a go ! its a shame there was no special first trial offer £% with your first order ? the consumer would then see if they are getting their Bang for their Buck so to speak ! :dollar: :heavy_dollar_sign: and this would give the consumer more confidence to re order - just t a thought :grin:


I can see why this change was made, to make a more appealing mass market bar, but I can’t help but feel sad overall. The original bar was never designed to be a luxurious chocolate bar. It was designed to be nutrition first and taste second, snack-sized on the go solid version of Huel, and whilst version 1.0 of the bar pushed that idea too far, the final version of the bar I thought was quite decent. It tasted nice enough, but you didn’t have any desire to eat too many, and I’ve been eating 2 bars for lunch every weekday for years. They were also a fantastic bar to take hiking, as they didn’t care if they got hot (nothing to melt) or squashed in your pack.

The new bars look a healthier alternative to a chocolate bar, but they are still a chocolate bar, which is more of a treat over a staple everyday food item which is what Huel is. I’m sure I’m in a minority, but I suspect they’ll be more people eating 1-2 of these a week now over people like me who eat 10 a week of the old bar, hence the reason for this change.

I think the two recipes are different enough to be sold alongside each other, with a re-brand for the old bar and maybe pushed to the outlet instead, and the new bar targeting retail, but that’s probably wishful thinking.


Great post and interesting POV – I’m wondering if such a scenario if the previous recipe could be resurrected in a different snack format like protein balls for example - to keep that differentiation with the new bars.

I just got them today and tried the peanut butter one. Wow ok flavour. As good as a snickers bar. I was sad you stopped the old white bars but these are fab. Much better than the old black ones.


If you are looking for a 400kcal bar with a cheaper price a Dutch company offers a superior product. It is still vegan and “complete”, that means containing all essential micronutrients; just not gluten free unfortunately.