Meet your new favourite Complete Nutrition Bar flavours!

Couldn’t get enough of our Chocolate Caramel and Peanut Caramel Complete Nutrition Bars? Wait till you try our NEW Chocolate Fudge Brownie and Dark Chocolate & Raspberry bars.
Launching in the UK & EU.

Chocolate Fudge Brownie has all the brownie points you need with layers of fudgy chocolate and smooth caramel.

Dark Chocolate & Raspberry meanwhile is one for the dark choc lovers, with sweet raspberries in a soft centre, a layer of caramel, and enrobed in a smooth dark chocolate.

High in protein with all the nutrients you need, 26 vitamins and minerals, and 170 health benefits, Huel Complete Nutrition Bar really is the ultimate feel-good, chocolate-covered snack.

So… ready to find your favourite?

:star: High protein

:star: 26 vitamins & minerals

:star: Low sugar

:star: 170 health benefits

:star: High fibre

:star: Less than 200kcal per bar

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ah…the famous Raspberry bar surfaces! :wink:


Awwwwww I’m all over this like a lampshaaaade. The Chocolate Caramel one is like Satan’s sweet satiably sinful creation. My favourite chocolate bar by far, ever. Definitely getting the Chocolate Fudge Brownie one!!

Would love if we could get mixed boxes that are half and half – 2 different flavours.

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Seems so tempting to try! Have you considered any formula change of what some users suggested in the other Thread? I am waiting for a new version with more calories, but I am not sure if that will ever happen.

What is the reason for the low pea protein amount in Dark Chocolate & Raspberry compared to the other flavours?

How many grams of sugar alcohols?

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I promise you, its hella tasty!

A mixed box, now thats an idea!

We just ended up using more rice protein in this particular flavour as part of the raspberry layer :yum:

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This information is proprietary as part of our super secret recipe, but I want to do what I can to help you work out whether our new bars are suitable for you. If there’s a certain amount you’d like to stay over/under, please drop me a DM and I’ll see if there’s anything I can do :blush:

Which is the bar with less sugar alcohols and more kcal and fat?

Planning to order some, but I still dont like the idea of such an small kcal quantity per bar

Tried them both today and prefer both to the two original flavours. The Dark Chocolate & Raspberry is not too sweet - almost like a rose/Turkish Delight flavour. The Chocolate Fudge Brownie is an absolute winner though – very good brownie flavour and texture. Neither seemed to have that strange ‘dry’ after taste and mouthfeel of the caramel flavours. The Brownie is the one definitely going to find its way into a regular sub purchase I think.


I like rose Turkish delight flavour so that to me sounds like a winner if it is as you suggested.

I’ll order some next week and give 'em a go.

Sounds good, and as previously suggested a selection box of the four flavours would be very appealing.

Winner winner!!!

Bought singles of both, arrived today.

- Chocolate Fudge Brownie: Wow. This tastes amazing. It does taste just like a warm, homemade chocolate cookie/brownie, rich in flavour but not overpowering. Sometimes fudge brownies can be a bit sickly for me, but this was perfect. Verrry enjoyable. Softer than the initial 2 flavours (though maybe that’s due to how it was delivered - see below :joy:). I can’t believe Huel has packed this with all the nutrition that’s in there while still tasting that delicious and flavourly accurate – super impressive.

- Dark Chocolate & Raspberry: Great texture, nice flavour, very caramely. I usually don’t like raspberry flavoured chocolate, and really didn’t like the previous Huel Raspberry & White Chocolate bar, but this was nice. As Phil said, not too sweet, just right. The caramel in this bar is probably the first time it actually looked and tasted like the marketing photos – thick and runny. The caramel content in the first 2 flavours does not look like the marketing in the multiple boxes I’ve had. I’d rank it 3rd, with the peanut one being 4th. I wouldn’t buy a box of it, but I’d be happy to buy a mixed box that had these in with other flavours.

Can’t comment on the appearance of the bars, 'cause unfortunately mine arrived squashed and battered…

Chocolate Fudge Brownie:

Screenshot 2024-02-15 at 14.01.44

Dark Chocolate & Raspberry:

:rofl: Quite annoying… never happened before, but if the Fudge Brownie bar tasted that good as flat as a nuked pancake, then I’ll definitely be ordering a box of them. Chocolate Caramel has some serious competition now – I’ll have to taste another non-flat brownie bar to compare, but Chocolate Caramel and Fudge Brownie are tied at 1st currently, which is saying something 'cause I adore the former. Loving these flavours Huel – keep 'em coming :chocolate_bar:

Only in Feb so far and Huel is smashing it. At this rate, maybe 2024 will be the year we get Huel Condiments, like healthy mayo, cheezy sauces and others :eyes: :crossed_fingers:

Buzzing that you’re a fan but i’m disappointed for you on how they arrived. Spoiler alert, it shouldn’t be like that!

Was the box they all came in damaged at all or squished?

Would you like twice as many calories? If so I’ve got an idea…

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yep, but 350kcal for 4,50€ seems too much for every meal. And a lot of maltitol per meal

Ah. I feel like you won’t like my solution.