White Chocolate and Raspberry Huel Bars! 🍫

For those of you haven’t seen us getting overly excited via email, our website, facebook, twitter or instagram yesterday we launched our 6th flavour of Huel Bar!

These taste of sweet raspberry and have creamy white (vegan) chocolate chips. They’re honestly so so good, when we tried them first we thought they had really nice bursts of raspberries and were also kinda biscuit-y! You will love them and it’s a nice variation on the regular chocolate varieties we currently have

You can get them here :point_down: , or add them into your subscription in the account area! We don’t have them available as individual bars yet, but they’ll be added in the next few weeks I’m sure.

unofficial statement from tim not Huel, we just made jammy dodgers nutritionally complete pls don’t sue me


My immediate response to the photo was “why is that raspberry next to a piece of cheese?” :see_no_evil:


Nice addition to the family, I would like to try them but Huel bars still dont fit into my diet :frowning:

please make add ons for subscriptions just for me please pretty pweese

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:joy: More importantly, made jammy dodgers vegan!
Side note, my maiden name was Russell and when I was young, my mum spelt Tami as Tammy (I sidestepped aged about ten). All my school clothes had a cursive name label in that looked like it said Jammy Rubbel. People called me that for a while, then it transitioned into Jammy Dodger. Fun* story about my life there.

*Dull and irrelevant

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Jammy dodgers are vegan again anyway. Hot news apparently but I was never a fan of them so won’t rush out to try them. Hot off the press:

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@Tim_Huel, Omg they look great. Just got my latest order on Saturday so will have to wait 4 weeks for next sub to try them. :disappointed_relieved::cry::blush:

Oh wow! They sound amazing! I’ll be trying that when it’s available to try as an add on.

Cancel my Huel subscription, I have a new food to exist on


:laughing: Jammy Dodgers are great tbf, can hardly blame you please buy our bars okthankyou

I for one enjoyed it. Wasn’t Tammy also a clothes shop? If there was a clothes store for kids called Tim I would have wanted all my clothes from there, no name tags required.

It was a comic as well, my gran used to buy it.

mine are stuck in a groundhog day Fedex limbo - supposed to be delivered today by 4PM but its not looking promising as its (a) now 10pm and (b) they havent even left the UK yet :unamused:

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How do you buy the bars individually?? I really don’t want to commit to buying two boxes in case I don’t like them lol

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add ons is the only way to buy them seperately from huel

try your local supermarket

search on huel main website where to buy bars

1st world problems bruv

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Aw av found it, cheers brah :facepunch:t3:

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Ahh thanks Tim. I knew I liked you.

Yup, there’s another bane of my life right there. When we got past the Jammy Rubbel phase we jumped straight into Tammy Girl-the-shop phase.

Sorry can’t hear you, I’m drowning in jammy dodgers

They taste like Jammy Dodgers?! Me wanty.

Am I reading the website correctly that you have to order almost £40 worth at a time?

for powders yes

Well if you wanted just to order bars on their own you can only buy a minimum of 2 boxes too. £40 quid ish.