Which Huel Protein Bars are the best?


Huel have two different Protein Bars but which are the best for someone wanting to gain weight? I already use the Huel Black Edition too.

Huel Bars:


Hey there! Good question! Firstly let’s look at the nutritional differences as this might help you. Hopefully the below formats OK after I press reply!

Particularly important is that v3.1 Bar isn’t really a protein bar. It’s more of a balanced snack with 12g of protein per bar. Whereas the Complete Protein Bar has 20g.

Here’s what our site says.

Huel v3.1 Bars are made using gluten-free oats, peas, brown rice, coconut, grape syrup, and flaxseed. They’re packed with vegan chocolate chips and all 27 essential vitamins and minerals.

Huel Complete Protein Bars have much higher protein content and lower sugar & carb content than the v3.1 Bar. Don’t worry, they’re still 100% nutritionally complete and contain all 27 essential vitamins and minerals. Each bar comes enrobed in a cocoa coating and they’re perfect for an on-the-go high-protein snack.

The v3.1 Bars are about £1.43 per bar (2 boxes on subscription, no referral)
The Complete Protein Bars are £2.08 per bar (as above)

The key to gaining weight is to eat more calories that you expend, usually recommended to go +500kcal than your maintenance. Obviously this would be without eating junk but focussing on quality calories. Both Bars are quality calories, just one is higher in protein.

So really in comes down to which one you prefer the taste of and want to eat regularly enough that you gain weight.

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