You may well have already seen that yesterday we released our Peanut Butter Huel Bars! Here’s some things you need to know:

  • They’re delicious
  • They contain roasted peanuts
  • They’re delicious

Any other questions let me know, but the main points are captured in my above bullet points.

n.b. I’ve seen elsewhere someone asking if Huel, in general, is now not suitable for peanut allergies. v3.1 Bars have always had a may contain peanuts warning on them due to the facility. However Powder, RTD and Granola are produce in different facilities to Bars, so this allergy won’t impact those products :+1:


Actual physical peanuts!


Real life, genuine, authentic, delicious, roasted peanuts.


Super excited about this peanut taste, are they more salty or sweet? I’m very used the unsweetened Huel powder!

I’d love to try them but the minimum purchase its too high and also the price per kilo which is 24€/kilo, quite high.


You might be able to add a single bar to orders, like the other flavours. I agree they’re too expensive but I’m still gonna try one if I can.

edit: just tried. I can add any of the old bars but not PB yet.

You mean the bars are too expensive in general? Or do you mean if you buy them singly?
I buy 8 boxes at a time at it works out £1.07 a bar. I’m addicted. I wish I’d known PB was coming out! I’ve only just restocked.

In general. All Huel products are too expensive. I don’t mean that as a criticism of Huel, though. As @Julian reminded us yesterday, they’re not exactly raking in the profits. So I accept it, because I want them to keep making it.

There are much cheaper ways to eat healthily, but few products combine health and convenience in this way. So despite my low income, I can justify the cost of Huel powder. RTD and bars are hard for me to justify buying.


It’s fairly hard to buy a healthy snack for less than a pound though isn’t it?
Or maybe I find that because of my allergies.
I can’t have a sandwich or a banana.
I find the bars pretty good value and seriously convenient to slip in my pocket while out walking or riding.
The RTDs are also great for full day excursions (not that any of us are doing those atm!) and really handy when, like me, you can’t simply pack a sandwich or opt for tea and cake at the cafe with everyone else.
Both actually save me money because I don’t have to buy food when out.
But if I didn’t have allergies I guess I’d have more options.
Admittedly, right now, being home 24/7 I could just stick to powder which is healthier and cheaper but the bars are seriously delicious :laughing: and satisfy my chocolate cravings.


Well that’s the other problem. I could maybe justify them as an occasional treat, or emergency handbag fodder, but if I buy a boxful I’m gonna eat the lot!

OMG I can’t wait to try these…! :drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face:

I just ordered some. Looking forward to trying :yum:

@David avid I totally disagree with your statement “All Huel product too expensive”

For as little as £1.10 you get 400 kcals of optimised, nutritionally complete, and convenient food. I would love to see how you beat that.

Plus you get free delivery, a free t-shirt and shaker.

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I agree on that, they are expensive and its okay to be if they maintain the quality that we are expecting from Huel. The profit problem is something quite important they are growing very fast and its normal not be profitable while growing at that speed.

The powder is around 13,5€/kilo when buying 9 bags. Is expensive, but for me its okay, but on the limit to think about moving to other brand like the expected JJ3.0.

The bars are very interesting for me (although I would love a 400kcal version) but the 24€/kilo is very high to include it on my daily diet.

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I can’t beat it, that’s why I keep buying it!

My point is that I can eat healthy for less, if I’m prepared to sacrifice convenience. The premium we have to pay for convenience feels high, to me, but I’m super poor.

I’m not saying you should lower your prices. I want you to keep operating and start making money. But I’m not going to pretend that Huel isn’t expensive for me.


I have a workaround for Huel bars, if Julian would forgive me for advertising it. It’s not so bad, because it’s still Huel.

Huel 150g (for me, 2:1 ratio Unsweetened:Original/Vanilla)
15g chia seeds mixed with 45g water to make a ‘chia egg’
1 banana
1 tsp rapeseed oil
Some amount of extra water (maybe about 50g)
Optional: baking powder
Optional: pinch of salt
Optional: cinnamon, ginger, matcha, cacao powder, any Huel flavour pack, etc.

Mix, bake for 20 minutes, cut into quarters. Each quarter-block is 200 calories, 75% Huel by calories and costs 56p (get the chia seeds from Aldi, not one of the Big 3). They’re also, honestly, nicer than Huel bars, though of course they take a bit of time to make and don’t last as long.


Thanks! I’m going to try these.

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Make sure to call it ‘waybread’. That’s the most important part.

You can also use an actual egg in place of a chia egg. Re: chia egg, some recipes say it’s fine to just do as I described, though I bought a mortar and pestle dammit, so I am gonna’ crush those chia seeds a bit first. I don’t know if it helps. I might just be trying to justify the extravagance and the hours I spent ‘seasoning’ it by crushing rice into dust because they send them with holes in.

Edit: forgot to add that you’ll need to add some extra water, I think about 50g but YMMV. OH. And you can a bit of baking powder. I always forget.


But “expensive” is subjective. It has to do with how much you need it and how much you are willing to pay.

Ask yourself this. How much would you pay for a bottle of water? Probably somewhere around 2 euros?

But if you are really thirsty and walking in the desert for hours, you would give the entire content of your wallet…

That’s how a salesman explained it to me. He was a good salesman :rofl:

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I was in my local supermarket a couple of weeks ago. I could buy a packet of ginger nuts, a packet of bourbon creams and a packet of digestive biscuits. Over 900g of biscuits for £1.03 in total. Cheaper than chips or a Huel bar. Which would I rather eat? That’s right.