Removal of Huel Complete protein bars

Whilst I’ve never been mad on the taste (Salted Caramel being the only one palatable to me). They do at least have 20g protein, low carbs and low sugar and 200 calories.
Just in case they do away with them completely and don’t replace with a new version, has anyone found some protein bars that have similar amounts of protein, carbs, sugar and calories as the Huel ones and also don’t tast too bitter?
Been looking but found most are only between 9 and 15g protein. And any with 20g seemed to be totally loaded with carbs and sugars?
Let me know recommendations if you do. Thanks in advance for your help.

you could try No Cow - however, I think they are an ‘acquired’ taste :slight_smile:

(Reasons you might want to avoid: vegan but are not produced in a vegan only facility so potential cross contamination, contain nuts, two types of sugar alcohols and palm oil – but do kind of meet your other requirements :slight_smile: )

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Thanks Phil, Just having a look - carbs are really high, but does have the 20g of protein. re. acquired taste - i thought that of the huel bars though. can only stand one flavour. i may have to suffer higher carbs for the protein but try not to do too many carbs as it all turns to sugar.

Did anyone fine other good alternatives?

Check out Fulfil Protein Bars

It seems the new bars are a copy of the competence.

Hi @OnlyBars I doubt very much if the new huel bars will have a milk chocolate topping. Looking forward to trying the new version later in the week. :blush:

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Mine should arrive tomorrow.

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Hi John, did you order both flavours. I only ordered the one box to see if I like them first. Let me no your verdict. :chocolate_bar::chocolate_bar:

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I did order both. I used a referral code and got a tenner off. Otherwise I may have mixed and matched.

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