Huel Bars - sugar content

As someone with a blood sugar condition that I control through a high protein diet, regular eating, and avoiding sugars, Huel has been invaluable in helping me have access to fuel I need when I’m out. I was excited by Huel bars as they’re much easier and more convenient to carry around, but over 8g of sugar per bar is far too much for my particular diet. I imagine the sugar is used to help bind the bar together and create a better texture, but renders is useless to me, alas.

It’s not great for you unfortunately, but it is a very good sugar content. 11g per 100g or 8g per bar (70g) is very good. I’d imagine it’s there for flavour more than anything else.

Hi guys

The sugar is from the binders used to make the bar work :slight_smile:

Out of curiosity (and I have no idea how feasible it would be), have you considered using transglutaminase instead of the sugars for binding purposes? Not sure what effect on taste/texture it would have, but it’s the thing that is responsible for binding together stuff like crab balls, and despite being called ‘meat glue’, it can be obtained from vegan sources and can also bind together vegan proteins.

Hi @IcyElemental - thanks - we’re always looking at other ingredients :slight_smile:


I thought it might be used for binding. Please do look into other possibilities - even though my case is probably unique, I imagine everyone would be happier with less sugar.