Added Sugar in Huel

I’ve been looking at similar products and they seem to have a lot of added sugar in (or at least it sounds like some form of sugar). With all the debate about sugar these days, is there a lot of added sugar in Huel?

@McCloud we will NOT be adding any additional sugar. There will probably be very small amounts in Huel but will try our hardest to remove as much “hidden” sugar as possible. Yes you are right they is a lot of debate these days and rightly so, sugar is probably one of the main causes of obesity.

That’s great news Julian, it’s what has put me off some inferior products in the past. Having no added sugar is a real plus in my opinion.

I’ve been shocked at the amount of added sugar in some meal repalcement type products. Good to hear that there’s none added in Huel.

I agree, great that Huel is one of the first soylent products not to include Maltodextrin

The NHS advises us to “Look for the ‘Carbohydrates (of which sugars)’ figure in the nutrition label”. Typically we’ll see that distinction on the back of the food packaging. As for the front of the packaging, companies tend to just give the “sugars” value without even bothering with total carbohydrates.

But I’ve noticed that the Huel “Nutritional Information and Ingredients” page doesn’t mention sugar. It lists numerical values for Total Carbohydrate, which presumably includes sugar, without giving a break-down. Is that deliberate?

From what Julian says above, it sounds like I don’t need to be worried about sugar in Huel, but I was just wondering.

Excellent point @Open4D

There is no added sugar in Huel but yes there is sugar in some of the ingredients but not a lot.

E.g. per 100g of flaxseed there is 1.5g of sugar. Per 2000 cals of Huel there is approx 57.25g of flaxseed, which contains about 0.86g of sugar.

Yes we will add the sugar content of Huel next time we print the labels.

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