I am totally gutted, such a great sounding product.
I was so excited to read all about it, until I came to the ingredients!
What is happening to the world, sugar, hidden sugars and more sugars.
Can’t you stick with an amazing product without filling it with sugar…
The worst sort ever.
Don’t buy this another expensive product with the worst product ever,
All the wrong sugars.
I am sugar free as so many athletes and other are now, all I want is a clean product…
Why is that so difficult, it’s full of hidden sugars, all the great products totally undermined by artificial sugars. PLEASE do your selfs. Favour and go clean…

What are you actually referring to by hidden sugars? Huel is extremely low in sugar.

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Pretty silly thread. You don’t back up anything you’re claiming. Sugar is absolutely fine for the body in moderation and should not be completely cut out from your diet. It can actually be very dangerous for some people to cut out sugar completely.

May as well close the thread already. He / She has already been given enough attention by myself and IcyElemental.


We don’t add any sugar at all. We do add a sweetener to the vanilla version, but if you don’t want that you can always try unflavoured and unsweteened, which doesn’t have any sweetening or flavouring.

The sugar in Huel all comes from the oats, pea, rice, flaxseed, sunflower and coconut.


Isn’t Sucalose (used in the sweetened version only) almost the same as sugar but with no calories? Is this what you mean by “hidden sugar” or do you mean sugar that is within the natural ingredients listed above?

If you’re talking about the latter, what are you eating at the moment to avoid 0.9 of a gram of sugar in 100g of food?


This could be a good stealth advert for Huel if it makes someone compare sugar and carb amounts to competing products. :grin:


Hi nykampmp, I’m just wondering if you have any more information about that? From what I understand, we don’t actually need sugar as such because the body turns other food into sugar. I’m wondering which people can get ill if they don’t have sugar in their diet?

Remove the sugars! Remove the oats, peas, rice, flaxseed, sunflower and coconut!

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What I need help to understand is why the version without sugar contains the same amount of sugar as in the sweetened one. In addition to that, why is there xylit added to the ingredients.

And finally, how does the unsweetened one taste? Does it taste sweet? To be honest, it is not only that I don’t eat sugar so I would like a powder meal without sugar, but also that I see it more like a meal, not a desert. And it is a meal, considering the calories. Plus, if you eat this every day, let’s say only this, who wants to only eat deserts in one day?

Many thanks

A lot of people who like Huel are used to protein shakes, which taste fairly sweet usually.

The unsweetened one is not sweet at all, and I found it quite nice warm with a bit of veggie stock.

Really confused by this post - Huel hardly has any sugar. In fact, I think it’d be pretty much impossible to get the amount of nutrition from conventional foods, whilst keeping sugar intake so low.

Exactly! Huel is less than 1% sugar. Even a baked potato is 3.5% sugar.

But just to clarify, there is a difference between food having a small amount of naturally occurring sugar, and adding refined sugar to food. Nobody needs to add refined sugar to their food. This is why I would like @nykampmp to clarify their point. Is it that a small amount of naturally occurring sugar is fine? Or is it that all people should add some refined sugar to whatever they are eating? Because these are two quite different things.


@Humperdink We get compared to complan sometimes, so I checked out their nutritional profile the other day…

Comparison to complan
(Per 2000 kcals)
Sugar: Complan - 149g!!! Huel - 4.6g
Fibre: Complan - 0.4g Huel - 34.9g
Protein: Complan - 69g Huel - 148g


Obvious Troll is obvious


Hey, I just found this video where this guy reckons a high fruit diet is fine for blood sugar levels:

My problem with this is he waited until 2 hours before taking a blood sugar reading. I would have liked to have seen him take readings every 30 minutes after eating the bananas, to see if there was a spike within the first 2 hours.

Also, he said he had to eat a bit more afterwards because he was still hungry. So over 1,000 calories of bananas didn’t satisfy his hunger.

What do you guys think? Particularly @JamesCollier

Fruit is good for you - I would never discourage a person with no disease or obesity from eating fruit. The guy is correct (mostly). If someone is diabetic or obese then I would limit their fruit sugar consumption. I don’t get why people get so hung up over a natural thing like fruit. It’s crap junk food that’s the problem.

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Bananas are known to be a lowish GI. I don’t get what this guy is trying to prove.
Is he trying to refute some anti-fruit argument from someone who lives on Cheetos and Mountain Dew or something/ :confused:

… oh - just seen the rest of it - he’s started wrestling with a strawman and making up his own science… it’s what you expect with an ideologically-driven position, I guess. And it turns out he’s got a book to flog, too. :grin:

And as has been said, feeling hungry after 1,100 calories of bananas has to say something about the likelihood of such a diet being stuck to.

Exactly! You have 1,100 calories of Huel (just over 7 scoops) and see if you feel hungry soon after.

There isn’t a version “without sugar” which is where the confusion seems to be coming from. We have a version which isn’t sweetened, but the sweetener we use isn’t sugar!

So the amount of sugar would be the same for both the vanilla and the unflavoured and unsweetened as no sugar is added to either.

Xylitol is used as a binder/carrier for the vitamin and mineral blend. It makes up less than 1% of Huel, so doesn’t sweeten Huel at all.

The unsweetened Huel is not sweet, it’s actually quite earthy! Vanilla Huel is, however!

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I would consider the original poster of this thread a “drive by” poster. Because it makes all kinds of accusations, which came from jumping to conclusions and poor understanding, does not back up any of the accusations and then does not stick around for any of the responses. Some great answers in this thread, though.