Carb and sugar content in Huel compared to others

Hi all,

I have used different options before (Joylent, Queal and Jake) and I’m looking to switch over to Huel. However, I noticed one thing:
Huel has the lowest sugar content of all the different powdered meals I have seen till now, and yet the ingredient list is not drastically different to the rest. Does anybody know the reason for this? As far as I am aware there weren’t any added sugars in the other meals I have had until now, yet they contained at least 10x more sugar than Huel!

Looking forward to trying Huel out soon!

Assuming that you mean sugar (not just general carbs) a big difference between Huel and most of its competitors is that Huel does not use maltodextrin, which is a suger. Joylent uses maltodextrin as their primary carb source, Jake and Queal both use it for some portion of the carbs.

I do not have the expertises to make a confident statement on what impact this actually has. Probably don’t put to much faith in any statement that isn’t referencing a reputable paper. People talk such nonsense about nutrition.