Would you consider a Huel version flavoured with normal sugar?

This might seem an odd request: why would you want to consume more sugar when it’s pretty much agreed sugar is bad for you?

The problem I have with the current Huel is its use of artificial sweeteners. I have found that artificial sweeteners worsen my acne a considerable amount - especially sucralose, and I’ve heard this is quite common. And, since I’m not using Huel to lose weight but rather gain it, and I still do plenty of cardio, normal refined sugar in moderate amounts, I believe, would not be bad for me at all, and doesn’t make my skin worse. I can’t stand unflavoured Huel.

Plus, sugar has genuine uses. There’s nothing that gives a genuine burst of energy quicker, especially helpful before a run or at the gym. Even the WHO recommends a maximum of 50g of sugar per day. With Huel, you only get 6g.

I would be much more comfortable with a Huel that was sweetened, but not too much, with real sugar instead of any sweeteners, and it would be great if you could at least consider it.

This has been mentioned before and the response from Huel was the amount of sugar needed to achieve the same level of sweetness as sucralose would be too much thus making it very unhealthy. Sucralose is 600 times sweeter than sugar. Huel is designed to be as close to perfect as possible at 2000kcal so all that sugar over 2000kcal per day would mount up.

You could buy unflavoured Huel and add your own sugar and flavour and create what you want yourself quite easily. You can buy loads of vanilla or berry or pretty much any flavour which you can then add as a liquid drop.

Also to clarify the WHO maximum of 50g is indeed a maximum. It’s not a recommended amount to consume. It’s saying if you do consume it then don’t consume more than 50g. That’s because sugar is not essential to support life.


I personally prefer sugar over artificial sweeteners. I don’t have a very sweet tooth so need a tiny amount of sugar to achieve the sweetness that I like.
I dislike artificial sweeteners - I really don’t like the taste at all.
If I choose to drink a fizzy drink for example I would much prefer one with sugar than the diet version. In fact, before Huel I would never consume anything with sweetener in it.
I will drink sweetened huel but prefer the unflavoured unsweetened version.

Personally, I would actually prefer the RTD to be sweetened with sugar because it’s inconvenient to flavour it myself, and I would prefer the taste if it had sugar. Plus I only use the RTD occasionally and when on a long hike or bike ride, so extra fast release calories would be welcomed.

I wouldn’t choose to consume sugar sweetened Huel powder every day though (or at all).
I prefer to have UU plus coffee or cacao for flavour.

You could try sweetening UU with coconut nectar, or honey, or unrefined sugar - they all work pretty well if it’s your preference to avoid sucralose.


I agree. I prefer natural sugar over artificial. That’s why I was thinking more on the route of sweetening with natural sweet products that have a low GI and are also sweeter than normal sugar, like honey. Buying UU and then mixing yourself is the solution I think.


As said, you would not be able to have a sugar sweetened Huel amounting to 2000kcal without being way too high in sugars. Public Health England recommend to not exceed 30g of any added sugar a day. I too have some problems with sweeteners - they induce migraines for me if I have too much - but don’t see how pre made sugar Huel would work.

It would probably work for my personal taste because I only like a tiny amount of sweetness, but I think the general population prefer a much sweeter taste which I agree would result in too high sugar content.
Coconut nectar works well and that’s what I use personally as a vegan sweetener with a lower GI than sugar, as it’s very sweet so you only need a tiny amount, plus it’s healthy.
I can’t see Huel wanting to add this to their recipe though as it would then no longer be a hypoallergenic formula. It’s also quite expensive


It sort of feels like we are trying to solve a problem that doesn’t exist.

The fact we can buy unflavoured unsweetened Huel means we can add our own personal preference of natural sweetness and flavours, in a quantity that suits us.

For me, UU is perfect. I add cacao or coffee and sometimes plant milk or coconut nectar.
I also use the flavour boosts occasionally.

I really like being able to mix it to exactly my taste. UU is the solution! It just takes a little trial and error to find your perfect recipe. Once you’ve found it, it’s no less convenient - it’s like making a cup of tea: it only takes seconds once you know how you like it


Yes, yes, yes. I find anything but U/U far too sweet. I would love a tiny bit of actual sugar instead of all that sweetener.


Defitely no! The lower IG and the less sugar, the better and healthier! You can buy unsweetened version and add as much sugar as you want to.


How much cacao do you add to UU? Does it end up tasting a bit similar to the chocolate pre mix?

Cacao plus UU tastes completely different to chocolate pre-mix. Not even vaguely similar.
UU on its own tastes like plain porridge - oaty and earthy. I love it but many people don’t.
Cacao has a very bitter flavour.
UU is also quite bitter.

I add three heaped teaspoons of cacao to 120g UU and top up to the 700ml water mark.
It has a very bitter dark chocolate taste.
If you like it sweeter, the cacao flavour boost is good.
If you prefer a more milk chocolate, less bitter flavour then the chocolate boost plus plant milk works well.

The chocolate premix, to me tastes more like chocolate biscuit. I only like it when made 50/50 oat milk and water, then it’s really nice. But doesn’t taste of chocolate in my opinion.


I add 6g of my favourite flavour boosts per 100g of UU in 100ml oat or almond milk plus 300ml water. Perfect! :yum:

I have a bag of unopened UU which I was a bit nervous to use. I will try your method of adding the cacao as ideally I would like to be free of sweeteners! I do quite prefer a bitter taste to something sweet so hopefully I will like. :slight_smile:

@Jasmine don’t be nervous!
UU is so versatile :grin: I love it
I think it’s fab with cacao
You can always try adding milk or plant milk if it’s not quite to your taste
Coffee (add it as powder) also works great.
Peanut butter powder as well is good.
The only thing I personally didn’t like was fruit with it. Oh actually dark sweet cherries (frozen) in UU with cacao was orgasmic :laughing::laughing::yum::yum::yum::drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face:


I prefer not to have sugar added to Huel. I’d like them to use xylitol as a sugar substitute.

Xylitol has been proven to have adverse effects on gut bacteria and also is a laxative. It’s actually banned from being put into drinks in the EU.
Considering a lot of people consume huel two or three times a day, it probably wouldn’t be a suitable sweetener to use.
It’s most commonly found in chewing gum because it’s beneficial to oral health, plus you are ingesting only a tiny amount through your saliva.