What harm is adding a little sugar?

Hello, I am new to Huel (on day 3) and have been replacing 2 meals a day. This is getting really hard for me, when I get hungry I think about the food that I love and miss and don’t want to drink gloop yet again. I got the chocolate flavor which helps (though it isn’t very sweet) but I experimented and added a tbsp of nesquick chocolate powder (which is 6g of sugar) and it makes my Huel more enjoyable. The thing is if I am going to continue with this Huel diet I feel like I need to like what I am drinking and with 6g of sugar added by nesquick I do. I calculated that I will consume about 20-25 grams of sugar per day (which is probably signicanfly less than my lifestyle before this). Will this defeat the purpose of drinking Huel to be healthier and lose weight or do you think I am in a safe range?
I don’t have a blender yet and I travel a lot so what I do to make me like Huel has to be dry and easy.

Have you tried the huel bars? Have one alongside your huel shake to make it feel more like a rounded meal. Have been doing this myself.

I also recommend Huel bars in place of powder if you can afford them.

25g per day of “sugar” is not a problem. Glucose (one of the two components of table sugar) is the preferred source of energy for ALL the cells of your body. The problems happen when you eat it in concentrated form. The body can’t handle it in concentrated form and large dose unless you’re really athletic and healthy.

To make an analogy, it’s like water. If you drink too much water in too little time, you’ll go into serious trouble. But the last thing you should be concerned about is a few drops of water. And in fact most people in Western countries are somewhat dehydrated and also somewhat carbohydrate-deficient.

P.S: If you paste here the list of ingredients of Nesquick and i can give you a more proper reply. Like I said, “sugar” is vague. There are many industrial “sugars” around. Some are bad some aren’t. But on average they’re acceptable if you eat them in SMALL doses.

2nd P.S: Sugar is basically the scapegoat of the Western diet. Powerful interest groups want you to focus your attention on sugar instead of meat, fish, dairy and vegetable oils.

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