Far too much sweetener and not enough sugar

The amount of sweetener in the vanilla is too much. It gives off such a sickly feeling afterwards. Luckily I bought both versions.
It’s getting worse the longer I’m on Huel. I’m starting to taste nothing but sweetener as I get used to the drink.
Everyone who’s tried mine says the exact same thing, once you finish the Huel, you can taste it for up to 15 mins afterwards. Horrible,

Just cut the sweetener abit and add a little bit more sugar and it’ll be perfect.

Many of us don’t want to eat sugar – even small amounts.


Given sugar can make you add weight I get that but sweetener is a lot more harmful than sugar.

I get this is why they do the unsweetened one, but they really need to improve the sweetness of the vanilla one in my opinion because it’s like drinking a glass of sweetener at the moment. :unamused:

Unfortunately I’m one of those of disagree’s I think the vanilla sweetness is right for me and I certainly don’t want any sugar.

We’re odd creatures aren’t we, what’s right for one isn’t necessarily right for the other.

There’s a whole thread almost like a tennis match where one says spot on and the other says too sweet. I believe it was sweeter version 1.1 ?

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Do you mind me asking why sweeteners, or more specifically our sweetener, is worse than sugar? Would be great to get your thoughts!


I guess it’s all opinion and minimal research based and none of it is proven fact but I’m on the side that sweeteners aren’t very good. Compared to staying under the RDA of sugar at least.

Research shows Sucralose can enlarge both the liver and kidneys. It’s reported it can cause skin rashes, panic, diarrhea, headaches, bladder issues, stomach pain.

It’s been ‘researched’ that sweeteners have an adverse effect on taste buds, essentially numbing your sweet buds so that when you eat sugar you need a lot more sugar to feel the ‘sweetness’

Effects sugar levels and hormones.
“When you taste sweet foods, even if they have zero calories, your body still releases insulin as if you’d eaten sugar. Insulin leads to blood sugar spikes, which increase cravings. Swithers’ research has also suggested that artificial sweeteners prevent your body from producing GLP-1, a hormone that controls blood sugar levels and feelings of satiety. Combined, the two haywire hormones could be causing you to feel hungrier and eat more.”

Aspartame Is straight up poison but I believe you don’t use this so no point going into that.

Sweeteners don’t digest properly and isn’t environmentally friendly.
“It’s processed using chlorine, and researchers are finding that the artificial sweetener is passing through our bodies and winding up in wastewater treatment plants, where it can’t be broken down. Tests in Norway and Sweden found sucralose in surface water released downstream from treatment discharge sites.”

Another concern goes back to basic instincts.
If something tastes fake and unnatural you’re probably better off avoiding it.

Sugar is naturally occurring sweeteners are not and are GMOS. (As long as you don’t by the cheap horrible supermarket white sugar) it appears naturally in fruit and we essentially need fruit to live a healthy lifestyle. So how can it be that bad for us?

Sorry to slate sweeteners so much, as I said it’s all personal opinion, don’t go avoiding sweeteners and thinking they are going to ruin your life because of a few studies. I guess it’s just what you prefer! I love Huel, and will continue to use it, but I’ll have to go with the unsweetened one in the future and add my own sugar/fruit/honey. It’s a shame because I really like the vanilla one without the sweetener aftertaste!

Sorry for formatting guys I’m on my phone at work and it’s hard haha.

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While I agree that the vanilla flavoring is a tad bit too sweet, it is still 110% drinkable to me now that I am more used to it. I personally love the lack of sugar in Huel because it makes it much easier to restrict how much sugar I consume. :smirk_cat: If you want more sugar, how about snacking on some fruit or even adding a syrup to your Huel?

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I don’t want/need more sugar, but I’d prefer it over the artificial taste of sweetener!

“I guess it’s all opinion and minimal research based and none of it is proven fact”

How can you start something with that and then pass judgement with such severity?

Even aspartame, if it were “straight up poison” as you claim it wouldn’t be allowed. I may advise people to take random individual studies with a pinch of salt. In case you are not aware of it, investigators in the science community are usually funded according to what they publish, so they tend to publish lots of things which are not necessarily proved. You need several studies and counter studies to prove something.

If you insist on rejecting sweetener then that’s your prerogative, but please don’t come and play the judge of us all. We choose powdered food as food replacement, most of us because we believe in what it contains and the nutritional professionals behind it. And as others have mentioned, I like sweetener very much and I don’t want any sugar on my Huel, thank you very much.

I’m slowly weaning myself off vanilla now. It is very sweet if you’re going to be drinking it for all of your meals.

I started 6 months ago on pure vanilla. Now I’m down to 2 scoops plain, 1 scoop vanilla. I want to cut the scoop down to half soon. Problem is I hate the taste of plain.

Judge you? Hahahahaha. Since when was I judging anybody on what they have. If you prefer to have sweeteners then by all means eat sweeteners i couldn’t give a sh*t what you eat.

And no it wouldn’t be banned. Alcohol and caffeine is poison and you can buy as much as you want. Use your brain.

Yeah take them with a pinch of salt, like I pretty much said, but then again, also take the fact that sugar is evil white powder with a pinch of salt. Works both ways.

Yeah that’s how I’m feeling, I can only stomach one drink a day at the moment. Gonna switch to unsweetened during the day then maybe a sweetened one at night.

Have you tried mixing abit of fruit in with it? I’m thinking about adding bit of strawberry tonight. Maybe even abit of honey!

I appreciate your scepticism regarding sweeteners, but I do not think you can compare them to alcohol/caffeine since these two are a huge part of our culture, whereas I would argue sweeteners are not. If alcohol was introduced today it would be banned instantly (and rightfully so), you know that.


Well to be honest any substance that you can overdose(to the point it has adverse effects) is technically Poison.

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You are passing judgement on the product and sweetener in general based on information you got from unreliable sources.

I never said me, and I certainly didn’t use that language you are using.

Also, even though sugar is naturally in a beet or a cane, sugar is not naturally added to your coffee. The world natural is source of a lot of marketing material but it doesn’t mean much. Sugar in a fruit comes along with the fibers of that fruit and the fruit itself, if you press an orange and add a tablespoon of refined sugar, then how is that “more natural” than anything.
I’m not saying sugar is poison, but I prefer that if I add something to my food to make it taste better, that something has less side effects, and added sweetener is been proved to have less side effects, which explains why is there in the Huel recipe.

To your last statement, where “any substance you can overdose” is plain out ridiculous, you can overdose of potassium, magnesium and any nutrient that you absolutely need. If you take too much of something is likely not good for you, that’s why we say “too much”.

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“Added sweetener is proved to have less side effects”

I’m done.

Sides effects of added sugar among other things are: lots of empty carbs, calories and it’s addictive.
I’ll link the NHS to not not quote the more biased articles which tend to be much more aggressive about it.

Just in case you or anyone else is interested, our very own James Collier BSc (Hons) RNutr wrote a Guide to Sucralose which you might be interested in reading!


Hahaha, your post at the top is like an omen. Huel should hire you for your precognitive abilities.


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The current version of vanilla Huel is considerably less sweet than v1.0 was. I used to sometimes feel like I was drinking melted ice cream.

But if you blend it the night before and then leave it in the fridge overnight, this dulls the flavour. It’s quite different to how it tastes when freshly made. Also, if you make it with more water, this will dilute the flavour too.