Huel 'Missing' Nutritional Information

I have added Huel to the database on MyFitnessPal to track my usage.

There is a key piece of information missing; sugar. I realise that Huel does not have any ‘added sugar’, however I’d still like to know how much sugar is in (a days worth of) Huel as it is not listed on the nutrition label.

Also, monounsaturated fats… how much of these if any are in Huel.

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Hi @Peter_Fortune,

The sugar is Huel is as follows:

Per 100g = 0.71g
Per 2000kcal = 3.55g

It has been added to label, sorry it was missed off before.

I will find out the monounsaturated fats for you.

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This is a low and healthy level of sugar, well done on creating such a well balanced formula. Good for the diabetics among your customers. I can’t wait to try it.


Thanks. I’ve updated the nutritional information on MyFitnessPal with the sugar details.

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@davidmccarlie thank you for your kind words. I really think sugar has caused a lot of problems with health and nutrition, So we were extremely keen to limit it to the minimum possible.


Hi Julian , when is it possible to know GI? Thanks

Has anyone noticed that the fibre content is missing on the app also?

Which are app are you referring to? The only app we have is a Huel calculator made kindly by a Hueler, but this doesn’t contain nutritional information. If you mean MyFitness Pal then the formula for v2.1 wasn’t put up by us, but by a customer. You can’t edit the formulas once they have been added but you can always create your own that does include the fibre.

Hope this helps!


Hi Tim,

Yeah it was on the MyFitnessPal app using the vanilla v2.1. Will look into editing the entry.

Many thanks

Hi Tim,

I found the correct entry on the MyFitnessPal app, all looks spot on now thank you. :slight_smile: