iOS App food intake that includes Huel


I was told my the doctors yesterday that I’m medically diabetic at the moment. I used to be very active when younger, even before lockdown I used to walk loads and used huel as a meal sub. But the last year, I’ve been less active and ate a lot more. Sad times.

I need to crash diet and exercise for the next four weeks, I know it’s bad for me long term… but I need to lower my sugar levels before the next blood test to confirm I’m diabetic.

Is there any apps that has a huel as a recongised meal to work out the intake? Thanks

You could try MyFitnessPal. It has a huge database of foods and Huel is included and you can track your workouts too. You may want to check the Huel entries yourself though because entries can be added by anybody (I believe) and some can be incorrect.

There is also an unofficial Huel app on iOS for working out how much you need for x number of calories etc.


Hey there, so sorry to hear about your diagnosis. There’s no official site or platform, but many people use MyFitnessPal as Coup has said. Perhaps if anyone else here who tracks Huel in MFP could link to the version they use? I know there are quite a few different varieties on there!

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I use chronometer. All types and flavours of huel are listed on there. On the home screen it tells you how much of your daily percentage of calories, carbs, protein, and fat you’ve had so far, and also how your macros are divided that day. For example it might tell you you’ve had 50% of your recommended protein for the day, and it will also tell you your calorie intake has been made up of 40% carbs, 30% protein, and 30% fat. Then on top of this it will do the same for all your vitamins so it’s very easy to look at and realise you’re getting plenty of vitamin A but not enough omega 3. I find it very useful every so often.

I know myfitnesspal is very popular here too.

Hope you’re doing ok and don’t be to daunted by the new diagnoses. Take care of yourself.

+1 for this recommendation, I use it everyday.

Could you link @slinxy through to the version of Huel you track in MFP? This will mean they don’t have to input it themselves and know that they’re using a correct version!