Feedback on the Huel App

I’ve just started using Huel. So naturally, I went to the Android App Store to download the Huel App so I can track when I am drinking Huel and with how many scoops etc, so I can find my rhythm and obviously accurately track my calorie intake…

There is no app, and I’m not writing it down because this is 2016. I could use a spreadsheet and update it accordingly, but that’s not ideal and that’s what Huel is all about, the ideal solution.

Please create said app.

I will not charge for my consultancy.

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Is a genralised diet app not best for this? Why makes something for the special case of Huel when a broader solution already exists?

My friend uses MyFitness pal, and really loves it. I personaly use Simple diet diary becuse I like apps that don’t ask for access to my contacts. It DWISOTT.

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I was planning on experimenting with huel only. A dedicated app would have been that bit simpler to use (How many scoops, what time). I’ll certainly check out your recommendations so thank you for that.

There are ancillary benefits to such a dedicated application. Huel would be able to anonymously mine the data and monitor trends across different age groups etc etc. Whilst anecdotal, the information would be undeniably useful.


It might be wrong but I think that experiment’s going to be short-lived.

Another vote for MyFitnessPal, the database includes Huel V2 and also includes the stuff you’ll ultimately end up eating most of the time when you get fed up of Huel 3 times a day.

You’re probably right though, an app wouldn’t hurt for Huel as a company.

Well, I never thought of the potential from Huels PoV. You might really be onto something there. They could do the first large food substitute study with an app. Though there are definitely limits on how much data I want to send to any profit based company.

If there was a reputable body (such as a university) endorsing the study it would make a big difference.

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I’m definitely voting for MyFitnessPal for calorie counting, weight loss tracking etc and I don’t think Huel can top it, it’s been going for years and is owned by Underarmour who spend lots of money on development and maintenance. However, I think a Huel Forum app would be beneficial and I’m almost certain you’ll be able to buy a built skeleton app and tie it to the forum

Seems a bit pointless IMO and nothing you couldn’t make yourself in 10 minutes in Excel and host it on Google drive to access on all your devices.

Hey! Sorry for bumping up this old thread, but just wanted to let you know that unofficial Huel apps have been created by Lauren and Me to be able to calculate you daily Huel intake based on your age, weight, exercise level etc.

Just search for “Huel Calculator” in your App Store! :blush:

They are not any graphical masterpieces, but they do their thing! Let me know if you have any ideas for improvements! :+1: