My fitness pal analysis

Hi. I’m around 12 days into my Huel journey now and have my second delivery due tomorrow. Enjoying every meal with Huel now. I’ve been having Huel for breakfast and lunch, with a snack break between meals and a regular evening meal.

I have also been logging every meal, snack and drink using My Fitness Pal. I consider myself to be two thirds Huel due to having two main meals with the regular evening meal. What is interesting from the MFP app is that the snacks I’m having actually amount to more calories than a Huel meal, so now I will start tomorrow with three Huel meals throughout the day, and no snacks. I will still have my regular food in the evening.

I thought it may be interesting to share some results from MFP, to see if we are all getting similar macro ratios etc. Today was particularly large on the snacks as I’m about to tuck into a bacon butty prior to my intense exercise hour :grimacing:

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I find the analysis of personal food consumption so interesting. Love the charts you’ve shared. I’m tempted to get a FitBit so I can monitor my exercise regime! Awesome that you’ve sorted the snacking using Huel!

Glad you find this interesting @TimOfficeHuel . It’s a little obsessive (and anal :joy:) keeping track but I find a daily food diary is really useful when trying to get fitter and lose weight at the same time.

I’m aiming to keep the macro ratio to 40/30/30 but as I add a small amount of banana & raspberry to my Huel shakes it really throws the ratios out of balance. I compensate on the evening by having more protein and fat. My fitness pal is useful to gauge the correct amount and mix of foods.

If I look at a weekly summary, my ratio is much closer to the 40/30/30 I am trying to achieve, so quite happy :grin:

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I am also using MFP (and fitbit) for tracking of my calories and my activity. I am using MFP only to keep track daily food intake, but try to balance my food across a week, rather than each day. Of course you want to avoide excessive days which then average out, but generally it is better to look at the weekly averages.

I use MFP too, what i wonder is does anyone eat more calories to fill the calories burned by excersice on top of their daily allowance? I have strava and jawbone Up connected to mine and between them both they add thousands of extra calories to my allowance.
I usually just focus on not exceeding my daily allowance of 2000 calories

It depends on my goals at the time. If I’m fat shedding, I aim for 1800 a day, and ignore any extra calories I have earned by exercising.

If I’m maintaining, I’ll eat more to compensate.

I intend to experiment with bulking soon, which of course means I’ll need to eat surplus.

I suspect though, that it’s better to eat a consistent amount day on day, even if you’re exercising inconsistently - but I don’t have any facts to back that up.

Yeah I guess so, I will aim to stick around the 2000 on MFP till I notice a difference then just manage it from there.
It’s amazing if you have a 66% huel day with one meal how much the sugar and sodium intake shoots up, even if you have a reasonably healthy meal.

What I like about Huel and MFP is how easy it is to input the meal! :wink:

I agree, it makes it worth just having huel because of that lol