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So I’m not the most knowledgeable when it comes to foods etc I’m only really just getting my head around calories. To help with that I’ve been using the My Fitness Pal app to track my food and exercise and it’s working ok. However the app likes to give advice and when I’m on 90% Huel, which I have done for the last few days it often tells me that I’m eating too many carbohydrates or as was the case today it’s warned me that I’m consuming too much fat, but so far today I’ve only logged 3 meals of 100g of huel. Is this something to be concerned about?

@sk8ninja yes I would be concerned that fitness pal doesn’t know what it’s talking about. :wink:


Yes, thats what I figured, it seems irresponsible for an app to give out advice like that, but I’m just using it to track calories, so will ignore the other bits.

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Huel should establish a partnership with My Fitness Pal (or/and other nutrition apps), in order to include Huel nutritional facts in their databases.


The nutrient information on MyFitnessPal can be added by regular users, and everyone is invited to press the “validation” button when they use the figures that others have posted on the site before. It’s a bit like Wikipedia: it self-regulates.



Hello all,
I have also used the fitness pal app, its amazing. I would like to share another app programme sportif which helped me to stay fit and through which we can easily manage our workouts and track our results anywhere.

Myself and a lot of my friends have had issues with MFP with regards to its very restrictive calorie allowance. Basically, it seems no matter what your nutritional and/or weight loss goals are, it advises a daily calorie intake of 1,200 kcals. Even for short arses like me, this seems incredibly low.

I still use it, but mainly for the convenience of tracking my habits and dietary intake, I ignore the warning that pops up telling I’ll gain weight if I continue with my current diet!

For what its worth, if you log onto your MFP profile online you can change your macro and calorie intake goals manually.

It’s an anorexic-friendly app! :anguished:

Laura - Remember that the 1,200 is a net figure. If you do any kind of activity, it should be logged into your MFP and you get calories back.

My steps are linked automatically with MFP and I regularly get an extra 300 calories to use a day (sometimes double that on weekends) and I work in an office.

The greatest weight loss setting MFP allows is 1kg a week. If that’s difficult, the weekly loss amount should be reduced. From my experience, the daily calories adjust when you change the weight loss goal.

@laurabelle1986 I have not run into the issue of 1,200kcals. I played around with mine a lot when originally setting it up and compared it to online calorie calculators and I found it quite accurate.

@sk8ninja If you click on goals and set the macro profile to be the same as Huel then it should resolve the warning issue. It’s because MFP and Huel have different profiles.

Maybe the app functionality has improved since we all used it around 4/5 years ago. I was a part of a diet and fitness forum and many of the women on there used it. Many of the women input their values and in order to lose 2lb a week (which I know is a lot but it’s what girls in their early 20s were aiming for; don’t judge us!) MFP churned out a daily allowance of… 1200kcal. A lot of those girls developed orthorexia, going to bed hungry to keep well under their 1200kcal goals. Not completely the fault of MFP, but still I think it’s easy for people to get hung up on what the app says.

It is still a great tool and really intuitive. Nowadays though I ignore it when it screams at me that I’m eating too much!

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ooo god really…you are at 90% huel.:roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

I assume myfitnesspal is giving more or less accurate Huel results now?

Or use this if your on iOS using Workflow it’ll add the correct nutritional information for 3 scoops and 400ml of water to Apple Health: