New user looking to lose 20kg

Hi all,
I’m looking to loose a bit of weight using HUEL, but not 100%
I work 12 hr shifts, night and days so trying to work out where to go and how to utilize it the best.

So far I’ve been using it in a morning (around 2 compressed scoops) and I’ve not really been hungry till late afternoon. Which to me seems strange as I’m normally always hungry :joy:

I’m 29, 105KG and cycle on average ~80 miles a week. (About 4000 miles a year)
Looking on a TDEE calculators I need to be about 2200 calories to steady loose weight (1lb a week), different calculators show different amounts though.

My fitness pal is helping as I had no idea what I was eating through the day.

I’m looking to use HUEL with an evening meal each day, any advice for turning this around for nights?
I work 7-7, eating at around 8pm on days and 5.30 pm when on nights.

Would like a nice spreadsheet making up to document what I’m eating vs weight loss etc

This shouldn’t be too hard. I think Myfitnesspal allows export of data to a csv file. Once exported, that’d be pretty easy to build into a spreadsheet.

Could probably produce a script that takes the csv and outputs into your master spreadsheet on a daily basis once you export.

I’m almost certain a quick Google would be lucrative.

As for 20KG weight loss, definitely possible at a 1lb per week rate. Just needs consistency and discipline. :smiley:

If you can avoid alcohol, it saves a phenomenal amount of calories.

So far so good, over a week in and down 2.5KG.
I’ve mainly been having a 3 scoop shake for my breakfast and then an evening meal.
Using myfitnesspal I’ve tried to eat around 2000 cal per day.
I’ve cut out all snacks and fizzy drinks (except going out for tea)

First time back onto nights tonight and I made up a freezing shake, which was warm by the time I had it at about 1AM and it was awful :rofl: I’ll make it at work next time.

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