Unoffical Huel Calculator App for Android Users!

Hi all,

There is a really useful app you can now download on the play store to help you break down how much Huel you need to consume and the scoop breakdown.

It is pretty simple, but works well and hopefully will help you out. It was just created by a Hueler so be nice about it and I hope you download and make use of it!

Huel Calculator (Unofficial)

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Suggestion for hueler Lauren Williams: switch Goal to kg when Metric switch is on; propose the recommended amount of water in the last screen, just like does. (nice to have, too: iOS version and translations!)

Hey! Sorry for bumping up this old thread, but just wanted to let you know that an iOS version of this app is available!

Just search for “Huel Calculator” in the App Store :blush:

I know it’s not a graphical masterpiece, but it does it’s thing! Let me know if you have any ideas for improvements! :+1:


Hi, thanks for the time and energy you put into this, it’s a really cool app !

Here are a couple of things I think could improve the overall experience:

  • Use the birthday instead of the age (actually you’d have to change it only once a year, so not a big deal)
  • Have a “custom split” that divides the calories by the % we want for a breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack (eg 20% - 40% - 30% - 10%)
  • Being able to choose the meals that we will be eating Huel. Let’s say I’ll eat Huel for breakfast and lunch, I’d have 1500 calories to divide in 2 instead (maybe have a checkbox next to the meal label ?)
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Hey! Thanks for the suggestions! Will definitely add it to my backlog of things I want to change :+1:

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Hi Linda

Thank you for the app it is great. Would it be possible to add the huel to water ratio as well. :grinning:

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Yep! I’ve added that to the list as well!
I’ll see if I get some time in the near future to add in these additions. :blush:


Amazing, thank you.