Help me work out how much Huel I need?

I’ve tried a sample of Huel and enjoyed it. I’ve ordered a full size Huel and look forward to its arrival. My aim is to replace Breakfast and Lunch and focus on my evening meal. I’m a busy person who due to lack of time (and often motivation) eats unhealthily or grabs expensive meal deals takeaways etc.

My question is after using the calorie calculator and working out I need 2,243 calories per day to maintain weight. What’s the best way to go about it?

2,243 / 3 = 747

747 Breakfast?
747 Lunch?

Thing that confuses me is I’ll never be bothered to work out the calories in my evening meal, as what I’ll consume on a daily basis for dinner will vary massively - so how do I go about working out the breakfast and lunch Huel amount on that basis? Am I over complicating things? Sorry if that seems a silly question.


Anyone? Thanks in advance! :slightly_smiling:

Think you’re over complicating things,.
Unless you’re looking into modelling, I think you can fluxs your calories each day by a few hundred.