Solved: How Much Huel?

Having tried Huel a while ago I recently started using it every day. It’s helped me to ensure I get a good start to my day, and keeps me from eating more than I need.

One problem I have, however, is making sure I mix the right amount of Huel with the right amount of water. I have to keep Googling or checking the sheet that came with my first order, and it’s still not very clear.

I seem to spend a few minutes working out in my head, or on a calculator how much water I want to achieve the desired level of calories, or how much Huel I need to get the calories I want.

So, being the geek that I am, I built something to make figuring out how much Huel I need that little bit easier. I give you!

It’s pretty simple, and I’d be interested to know if anyone else finds it useful - I built it purely for myself, but figured others might use it. It assumes you’re using vanilla Huel, not U/U. It’s intended for use on a mobile, but should work on any web browser.

P.s. It’s nice to have this forum, I’ve already found some interesting discussions!


2.63 scoops is tricky to work out…

100g is easy though :wink:


be great to have an unflavoured option :wink:

Philip - thats extremely helpful. Thanks for sharing.

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Neat little calculator tool.

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Heh. I knew I should have taken bets on how long before someone asked that :wink:

Awesome, thanks for that!

Very useful. And, as a faithfull user of U&U, I can say that your formula is totally accurate for U&U too! :slight_smile:


Make an API and sell it as a SAAS to Huel, with a licence for x users per month and tons of agreements! :money_mouth:

Ha I’m far too lazy for that @Raymondcal!

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I can fix it for you if you want :slight_smile:

Pull requests welcome!

I was trying to work that out myself! I worked it out as the same! But a little unsure. Currently only using 500 ml/100g water/huel!

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Thank you this is really great, is there any chance of doing one for gluten free vanilla? :grin:

Yeah… I’m not sure how to do that yet!

New to Huel, was about to ask about this very thing as I’m thinking the 3 scoops/ 100g met be a lot for me to start with.
Thanks for your help.

Brilliant! I’m sure the Huel team will be in touch - this should be intergated into the site!.

Sell it for a few months of Huel :slight_smile: