New me for 2016 ! On Huel

Hi all

I ordered a weeks worth today to try out, I’m trying too loose weight with it and I’m knocking the drink on the head, some thing I do to much I’m 15st11 and 5’7" used to smoke as well year today yay ! but I have my love for cycling again and started to enjoy life again so hopefully with the help with Huel I will get down to my goal of 12 stone.
So any tips in starting ??

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Oh and sorry on YouTube it’s says you get shaker, t-shirt and powder plus metal bottle when I ordered it says nothing about bottle ?? I hope it’s included

When you ordered on the Shopping Cart page there’s a box for you to enter t-shirt size. You should get that and a plastic shaker. I haven’t seen anything about a metal bottle - do you have a link?


I’ve decided to get into Huel in the new year… I’m 24 and weigh roughly 190lbs but fluctuate between that and 204lbs… ideally i want to get down to 170/160lbs over a period of months…

Would anyone be able to help me with how many scoops per day to have and how much to put in them? I just doesn’t really say anywhere how much to put in if you want to loose weight…

it may be a stupid question but if you don’t you don’t get! would appreciate any help,

thank you guys :slight_smile:

http:// huel. com/pages/nutritional-information-and-ingredients
http:// huel. com/pages/how-to-use-huel

Scroll down the the nutrition information, for the Vanilla flavour its 410 calories per 100g of Huel.
Also the first site I posted is on the “how to use huel” page its not full proof but its a
decent calculator. I prefer the second calorie counter though “Calorie king”. To be honest though I would recommend playing it by ear. Start at the average 2000 calories for a couple weeks and then
check the scales to see if you have gone up or down, then change your
calories down by about 200-400 for another couple weeks and so on until
you see progress.

Understand that loosing weight is not a set number for
everyone its all dependant on each individuals
lifestyle/height/age/energy expenditure/gender meaning you’ll have to
find your own numbers and do the basic math yourself. Remember loosing
weight is a lifestyle not a quick fix. :slight_smile:

Good luck Jenn1fer_4 Sincerely just a 19 yr old dude who so far has lost 40lb with normal food and exercise.

Also as a new user I’m only alowed to post 2 links thats why the first two have spaces just remove the spaces to fix them.

Hi - Good luck with it! I’m almost in exactly the same boat… I’m currently 100kg (and 5’7) so also going to be using Huel as part of a new regime to lose weight also down the 12ish stone mark. So good luck again! I look forward to hearing on here how you get on :slight_smile:

Hi Rob

Thank you I should be getting my Huel tomorrow, I’m looking forward to starting it I’m going to do a video diary of my progress, I’m going to try and do full 100% huel but as I love my meat and fish lol it may be hard lol

Anyway all the best

Do post a link to the video diary… look forward to hearing how you get on :slight_smile:

Well it’s 1st January 2016 and day 2 of huelling I find 2 scoops is great and I add nutra to it just 2 tsp and that’s just extra 20 calories and tast great

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