How much Huel to buy for 100% Huel diet?


I’m planning on doing a 1 month test with the aim to continue on if all goes well.

I want a Huel shake for breakfast lunch and then dinner with some fruits and stuff mixed to need the dinner one up a bit

And then just use them for breakfast and lunch with a helstht meal on weekends.

With that all laid out as a plan - I have no idea how much I need to buy or use or “scoop” or what the differences are in the types.

I’m 6ft 4inches and 120kg.

Any similar experiences with Huel plans or advice welcome please so I know how to tackle this !

  • also being 100%huel during the weekdays won’t be hard and I won’t give in as I don’t eat much at all I just snack on fast food at weekends which is my downfall (and allot of soda …)

It depends if you want to lose any weight or not. This will determine how many calories you need and that will determine how much Huel you will need.
There is a simple calculator or the Huel main site

Also take in to account how many calories are in the fruit.

Thanks Mallt so here’s what I worked out:

I need 2,300 calories to loose 1lb per week

1 scoop 38g


3 scoops 114g

456 cals

Morning 1 shake 3 scoops 456 cals (456)

Lunch 1 shake 3 scoops 456 cals (912 total)

Afternoon snack 2 scoops 304 cals (1216 total)

Dinner 3 scoops 456cals (1672)

  • fruit

628 cals remain for fruit in dinner meal / snacks


1 banana - 90 cals - 100 grams
Strawberry- 30 cals - 100 grams

So that’s 11 scoops per day .

So how much would people reccomend for the month ?

Hiya, I’m quite new to all this but discovered yesterday that there is aprox 45 scoops per bag. So for the £50 gluten free order I made i got 2 bags so a total of 90 scoops which will last me approx 9 days fr my macros . Hope this helps. I’ve been 100% Huel since yesterday and am loving it!


Awesome ! Well I think in correct in thinking

I need 11 scoops per day

Which is 330 per month

Which is 45 per bag - 8 bags per month

£150 for 8 bags and hopefully I’m all set

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Look for the Mathematical Diet post on this forum. There is a spreadsheet you can download. Fill in a few boxes and it gives you an entire plan!!! Just brilliant, I’ve been using it for four months and been pretty much exactly on plan all the way through (excluding a holiday which set me back two weeks :frowning:)

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Sounds amazing Il try find it

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Found it - I’m starting on the 6th a day after pay day and I have will use this calculator too

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Hi, I’m doing 100% Huel for the month of September. I’m still learning but here is what I’ve figured out so far:

One level scoop of Huel is approx 38g which is 157 calories. I need to aim for around 1200 calories per day to lose. Given that I intend to add soy milk to my shakes and other flavours, I must take into account the additional calories. With that in mind, if I consume 6 scoops per day (2 scoops per shake to be consumed 3 times per day), that’ll bring me to around 912 calories in Huel alone. One litre of Tesco Organic Sweetened Soy Milk contains 420 calories. Let’s assume that if I mix each shake partly with soy and partly with water that I’ll be consuming roughly 600ml of soy per day, which is 252 calories, bringing me up to 1,164 calories per day. That’s a fairly decent base to work from and any additional flavours can quite easily be calculated in without bringing me excessively over my aim. Of course, activity levels will also impact this and assuming I do around 30 mins of HIIT running each day then I can reasonably expect to burn around 200-400 calories depending on intensity and therefore could increase my intake accordingly.

Do remember to calculate in any calories consumed from drinking tea or juice. Good luck :grinning:

I’m not sure why people keep worrying about precise amounts when it comes to ordering. If you run out, just order some more, there’s next day delivery so I’m sure you can figure out if you’re about to run out in plenty of time. Unless you’re outside the UK and want to minimise overheads, I guess.


Order turnaround is very very fast, I ordered at 4PM last night and it got here for 9:30AM today - amazing

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